Sites Like is an e-commerce site which provides amazing deals on items such as clothes, shoes and everything under the sun you could think of. With today’s pace, everybody is very busy and going to malls to purchase things you need and like is now considered as a luxury of time. However, this should not deter you to purchase what you need and like. One could still do it through shopping online. Wish is just one online shopping site which you could visit and there are others more which you could visit like:

1. BangGood

BangGood is a site where you could find items that you use daily such as electronics, clothes, accessories, kitchen, home products and the like. Through this site, you could purchase items at a cheaper price through discounts offered. It also offers cheaper price for shipping fees and has a return policy of 30 days.

2. OverStock

This site offers amazing discounted items such as household items and clothing. It also offers a wide variety of items in different categories. Sellers in this site provides huge discounts even on branded items. Aside from the normal payment mode this site gives its buyers the option to pay via Bitcoin.

3. AliExpress

AliExpress is known for its numerous customers and large base of sellers. This site offers numerous items for all of your different needs from pins to machines to computers. Name it and you will find it here. Their items are also affordable and are of good high quality. AliExpress also offers wholesale products and its products offered in this site are directly from the manufacturers.

4. JollyChic

This site offers fashion for all ages and gender. You could also find beauty products, home decorations, living products and sporting products. There are also branded items sold here. Like other sites, JollyChic has sales and huge discounts offered to its buyers. They have a return policy of 9 days and the returns have free shipping fees.

5. Lazada

Owned by Alibaba, Lazada is very popular e-commerce website. Lazada delivers its products to its buyers directly from its warehouse and does not use third party which means, their prices are lower than other sites. Their products are of high and good quality. They also offer flash sales

daily and offers discounts. You could access their service both online and offline and are available in different countries.

6. GearBest

GearBest offers different and wide range of variety of products. It offers health products, beauty products, fashion, electronics, sports accessories and their unique category- warehouse. In the warehouse section, you will find all kinds of stuff with amazing deals.

This site is best recommended for those who are looking for cellphones, lifestyle supplies, LED lights, car electronics, computers, accessories and laptops.

They offer free shipping and has return policy and flexible exchange policies.

7. LightInTheBox

Customers could find products that are high in quality and are affordable. They sell wholesale products and are directly shipped from China. They offer products such as gadgets, home decorations, fashion accessories, gardening tools, electronics, footwear, bags and other accessories for men and women. Its buyers could pay through PayPal, credit and debit cards or even wire transfer.

8. SammyDress

This site offers products ranging from clothes to accessories to beauty and wellness and to sports. They have discounts and cheap prices for high quality products. They also have branded products which everyone would enjoy and has a return policy of 30 days with warranty.

9. YoShop

YoShop is for the fashionistas. They sell high quality products specially clothes for all ages. They have a wide range of styles and party wear. This site is a platform for buying fashionable clothes and accessories such as watches, jewelry and footwear.

10. Fab

This site offers great deals and products. They have a huge customer base worldwide. They offer products such as furniture, home decorations, handbags, kitchen tools, accessories and other collections. They also sell the fashion trends and designs at reasonable prices.

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