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Math used to scare students, but nowadays, thanks to websites and apps that make things simple, more and more people are discovering that Math can actually be a lot of fun. There are apps that allow you to tackle Math problems easily and that even include solutions and that show you the steps that you need to take to get there. Mathway is one of the options that let you solve Math problems easily, but in order to get access to the solution and see the step-by-step process, you need to signup and pay. If you are looking for alternatives that offer the same functionality, for free, you are in the right place. Here, we will explore apps that are similar to Mathway so that you have other options to try.


Millions of users rely on Cymath to find solutions for their Calculus and Algebra problems. It shows you all the steps so that you can learn and practice your Math skills. The website is very easy to use and there are also mobile apps for Android and iOS. All you need to do is to enter the problem and Cymath will get it solved step-by-step. It is also possible to capture a problem using your camera so that you don’t even have to type.


Photomath is designed to make things very simple when it comes to solving math problems. You just need to point your camera towards a math problem and Photomath will show the result automatically, including detailed instructions to reach the solution. Photomath supports Camera calculator, smart calculator, handwriting recognition and graphs, which have been recently added to make the app even more powerful. Photomath covers fractions, algebraic expressions, integers, logarithms, trigonometry, derivatives, integrals and more. There are also animated explanations for basic math operations like additions, multiplications, long divisions and subtraction.


If you are struggling with math problems, don’t worry, yHomework is the solution to tackle Equations, graphs, inequalities and more. There may be cases when you have solved a problem, but don’t know if you got it right. With the help of yHomework, you will be able to double check if the result and the steps that you followed are correct. This math solver is designed to offer complete accuracy. It is simple and effective, designed to offer instant step-by-step solutions and explanations. All you need to do is to enter the problem and yHomework will provide the answer, along with the detailed instructions to get that result.


Socratic is a very popular solution that enjoys high ratings in both the App Store and Google Play. Students and teachers can rely on Socratic to find answers to math problems, but that is not all, the app also supports other subjects like English, History, Chemistry and Science. The Math section covers Calculus, Algebra, Graphing, Statistics and more. Socratic works in a different way than other apps in the list, as it is a network that connects people to help them to solve math problems and get answers to questions related to other subjects. You can snap a photo of your homework question or math equation and get answers instantly. It is completely free and there are no in-app purchases required.


This is another practical math problem solver that shows you, not only the result, but also the step-by-step process to get the solution. MalMath also features graph views and it is available for free, it can be used even when you don’t have an internet connection. With MalMath, you can solve Integrals, Limits, Trigonometry, Logarithms, Equations, Algebra, Derivatives and more. MalMath allows students to learn the best methods to solve problems and will be a helpful aid for those who are struggling with math. The highlights and the graph analysis will help users to understand the solution better. MalMath can also generate math problems with different categories and difficulty levels.


This practical website presents free step-by-step solutions to Math problems. It is easy to use and after entering the Math problems, you will be able to see the solutions showing the steps needed to get there. Symbolab supports complex formats, integrals, graphing calculator and more. It is also available on Android and iOS.


DoYourMath is designed to be a powerful learning tool that helps you to solve Math problems step-by-step in a convenient manner. Currently, DoYourMath is only available as a website, but there are plans to launch mobile apps in the future. It aims to become a comprehensive solution with all the resources required to learn and practice Math. Currently, the website focuses on offering a problem solver that cover different options. It is available for free and it offers a simple and easy to use interface.


Quickmath gives students the chance to get instant solutions to a wide variety of math problems. It covers algebra, equations, calculus and matrices. The website can provide answers to problems in an automatic manner and it is a good option for High-school and even college students. QuickMath offers different sections with a range of useful features so it can be a very helpful tool for students and anyone who is struggling with Math problems.


While some of the above alternatives to math way feature in-app purchases, they are mainly free to use and allow you to get solutions and to see the step-by-step process to get there. Most of them have mobile apps so you will be able to solve math problems even when you are on the go.

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