Best Meitu like Apps for Beautiful Selfies

Meitu is an app which transforms your normal selfies into animated selfies. This app has been very popular and has been enjoyed by thousands of users. However, this app also has been gracing the news around the world not because of its contribution to the selfie world but rather due to one’s details such as your carrier’s name, IMEI numbers, etc. being sent to China. Great news to iOS users, as iOS was able to prevent this from happening to you. However, what about Android users? Will they have to stop using the app or just live in fear of these security and privacy threats?

We have researched and found some apps with at least the same use and outcome of making your selfies beautiful. Below is our list of Meitu Apps alternatives:

1. Cymera

Through Cymera, you could edit your selfies such as making your face slimmer and making your skin look smoother. Like Meitu, it comes with liquify mode or feature which transforms your eyes into anime like picture. Through it, you will be able to change your hair, make your eyes bigger, make your skin look softer and even conceal those unwanted blemishes. This app also allows you to add stickers, boarders, memes, change color, add lighting effects and blur any part of your picture you want to blur. Cymera also offers numerous filters you could apply on your picture. With these numerous features, what can we say but Cymera definitely takes the top spot of our list.

2. YouCam Makeup

You want to take a picture or a video of yourself but lazy to put your make up on? This is where YouCam makeup comes in handy. This app comes with editing features where you could choose an existing picture you have on your gallery and apply makeup on your face. You could choose which make up that suits you and would see how it would look on your picture through its preview. YouCam also allows this features on video settings and offers a number of filters you could apply.

3. Makeup Selfie Cam: InstaBeauty

Similar to YouCam and Meitu app, this app comes with makeup and beauty features. It is also simple to use. All you have to do is go to the beauty settings and start adjusting the color, smoothness of your skin, slimming of your face, make your eyes bigger and adjust your nose. Once you are done editing and adjusting your picture, just save your picture and share it if you wish. Makeup Selfie Cam also comes with a feature which you could transform your picture into an artwork.

4. B612

Apply filters, effects like cat, dog faces and face swap, this Line developed app, B612 offers more features one could use in editing your selfie. B612 also comes with pictures or stickers such as fireworks, etc. which you could add to your picture. Once you have edited it, manipulated it, you could now share it with your friends even in LINE app. B612 can also be used in video settings.

5. Bestie

Developed by the company who introduced Camera 360, the Bestie app offers numerous filters and has a cleaner access. You could add effects and stickers to your picture. However, take in mind if you wish to try Bestie, this app does not offer any manipulations to your facial features such as making your eyes bigger and make your face skinner, etc.


Love taking selfies but afraid of getting your information on the hands of strangers like what happened to Meitu users? The list above could still help you enjoy these features in making your selfies look better and we hope we had helped you find the best alternative you could enjoy without risking of privacy.

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