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Want to know how your app is doing? Appsee could do this for you as it was launched to see how users of your app behave. Through it you will be able to understand, measure and address user experience for both iOS and Android. AppSee is known to provide great service. However, it is also known that no service is perfect for everyone and if you are one of those who are looking for something similar to AppSee that would suit your needs better, this article will be discussing alternatives which you could choose from.

1. CleverTap

An app market which provides segmentation engine, real-time customer insights and engagement tools, Clever Tap comes with and provides necessary reports such as Cohort analysis. These analyses provide you data which helps you to organize your users by certain behaviors and actions on daily, weekly and monthly basis. It also shows you when users leave before they decide to subscribe to a paid subscription of your app. It allows you to gather data and check event metrics which enables you to see how your campaign performs based on location, time and the like. It organizes and segregates your users based on location, lifestyle and behavior.

2. MixPanel

MixPanel is an aggregator service which allows its client to aggregate, retain and acquire users by providing you insights which are analyzed data. These insights will give you idea on increasing growth, driving conversations and retaining customers. It provides retention reports, people analysis and funnel analysis which gives you idea when and at which point where your users leave. This service is one of the best tools in helping you with your business.

3. Flurry

This service provides mobile analysis which allows you to track your users and send push notifications to your target market or users.

It provides metrics or information on users through tracking new, active, returning users, session activities. It also identifies when and at which point your users drop off and provides suggestions on how to increase your users. It identifies which problems, bugs and issues you will need to address.

4. Amplitude

Amplitude is one of biggest data analytics companies which serve huge companies such as Twitter, Cisco, Paypal, Microsoft, etc. Its offered features provide tracking, understanding, accelerating and growing. It translates tracking to user metrics, behavioral analyses and provides insights for conversation improvement and retention.

5. allows its clients to personalize their app experience based on the data or information about their users’ behaviors. Through, you will be able to define your target users and segment criteria through ads and promotions. This service could connect to other analytics services such as CleverTap and MixPanel to provide more insights.

6. AppOnboard

This service comes with app demo technology and insights which help its clients increase app installations. Through app demos, it provides users to get a feel of what the app is about before downloading. Through this, it shows interactive heat map analysis which will help you aggregate user touch data, analyze interactions and provide product insights.

7. Countly

Countly is known to be one of the best analytics services. It provides insight of your mobile apps and supports desktop and web apps’ user metric generation. Countly ensures that you will have access to user data such as profiles, errors and crash reports, retention rates, interaction patterns, behavior, location, habits and device type. It also allows you to send push notifications to your users.

8. Localytics

A mobile analytics service, Localytics allows its clients to send notifications to its users and localizes all data in one place. This provides you a whole picture of who your users are and where they are located. Its notification could be sent real-time and enables you to send ads to targeted users which help you increase more revenue.

9. AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer promises its clients to help you improve your users’ metrics through engagement, driving growth and generating revenue. This service provides analysis by tracking, discovering anomalies, user

engagement information, cost and ROI reports, product analysis and global compliance. This service is definitely worth trying.

10. Firebase

A Google product, Firebase provides its clients unlimited analyses which helps in building and improve your apps. It allows its clients to have access to ML kit, hosting, crash and error analytics, cloud storage, monitoring of performance, dynamic linking and A/B testing. As this service is part of Google, we could say you are in good hands with Firebase.


The above services are only a few alternatives which provide great services for developers, who are looking for insights and analyses of data of their app’s performance and behavior of their users for them to improve, retain and increase number of users. We hope the list above has helped you in finding the best alternative or substitute for AppSee.

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