Best Alternatives to BitLocker

BitLocker drive encryption is a solution to protect your offline data, as well as your operating system. It is designed to prevent that the drive is tampered with. This software can be used to encrypt entire hard drives, including system and data drives. BitLocker can be enabled in just a matter of seconds in most versions of Windows and in the latest ones, BitLocker Device Encryption is even enabled automatically on devices that support Standby mode. In the future, it is likely that the majority of devices pass the testing requirements to ensure that BitLocker is available by default on Windows devices. With BitLocker device encryption, your system is protected with the implementation of data encryption across all devices. In this article, we will take a look at applications that are similar to BitLocker and that can be used as an alternative.


VeraCrypt is a free disk encryption software developed by IDRIX and it is based on TrueCrypt, a solution that was highly popular and effective, but that unfortunately, has been discontinued. VerCrypt is free, open source and it is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux and mobile platforms.


When it comes to hard disk encryption for Linux, LUKS has become the standard solution. It offer a standard on-disk format that enabled compatibility among distributions and it is also free and open source.


Encrypto is a free application for Mac and Windows users. It enables you to encrypt files prior to sending them to someone else. All you need to do is to drop a file into Encrypto, create a password and then send it as you normally would. One of its main advantages is that it is a lightweight solution.


If you are looking for simplicity, you may want to consider AxCrypt, a software that is integrated with your system without hassle, It can encrypt, decrypt, store, send and manage files. The main downside of AxCrypt is that it only supports single file encryption, unlike BitLocker that offers encryption for an entire disk/partition.

AES Crypt

This advanced file encryption application works with the Windows shell or runs from the Linux command prompt to offer a powerful and simple solution. It is also free and open source and it can be used with Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android devices

Gnome Encfs Manager

This is an option that is easy to use and that is designed to help you to set up encrypted directories. It is a free application and it supports Cloud Syncing. Gnome Encfs Manager works with Linux.


This is a front end for GnuPG. Seahorse integrates with the GNOME desktop and it offers secure performance. Seahorse supports Gpg encryption and SSH. This Linux compatible utility is free and open source as well.

Easy File Locker

This lightweight and straightforward solution delivers the expected performance. With Easy File Locker, you will be able to protect a file or folder. It is a free file security solution for Windows.


This is the cryptographic filesystem solution focused on enterprise environments. It is compatible with Linux. It is free and open source.


Cryptkeeper manages EncFS encrypted folders and it is focused on Linux. Like other options in the list, it is free and open source.

File Lock PEA

File Lock PEA supports a platform-independent authenticated encryption of files and folders. It is password-based. This is a free and open source solution that is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Previously known as DoxBox, this open-source and free utility offers disk-encryption for Windows.


Android users can rely on Cryptonite to enjoy a EncFS and TrueCrypt experience on their devices. It is possible to browse, export and open EncFS-encrypted directories and files on your Dropbox and on your device. It is free and open source


With EncFS you can get encrypted filesystem in user-space. It works without requiring additional permissions. EncFS relies on the FUSE library and Linux kernel module to support the filesystem interface. One thing to consider though is that currently, there are security concerns regarding EncFS.

EDS (Encrypted Data Store)

EDS (Encrypted Data Store) allows you to store your files in the encrypted vault. This protects the data from unauthorized access. EDS supports TrueCrypt container files. It is open source and works in a Freemium base.

Jetico BestCrypt

Jetico encrypts your data automatically to protect it, even in case the device is stolen. It is not a free solution, but it is worth considering if you want to prevent access to sensitive information. It works with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Safe: Encrypted File System

This application allows you to encrypt your files, making them impossible to read by others, unless they have your password. It is a portable, open source and free solution and it is available for free.


This encryption application is based on truecrypt. It is free, open source and it supports Linux.

LUKS Manager

LUKS Manager offers AES on-the-fly encryotion to virtual folders, which can be dynamically created, deleted, mounted and unmounted as required. It is free, open source and it is compatible with Android.


This is a free application that is portable and that allows you to get encrypted files on your USB drive. It is possible to use the drive on any device to get access and to modify files without having admin privileges. It works with Windows, Linux and Mac.


This is an application that lets you mount ENcFS folders on Windows and older version of Mac. It is free and open source

Steganos Safe

With Steganos, you can safely encrypt sensitive data on your computer, in networks and in the Cloud Confidential documents. TAN lists and business records are placed in a safe place. Steganos uses AES-256 encryption.


TruPax creates container files that are compatible with TrueCrypt. It does this using arbitrary sets of files and folders. TruePax is free and open source. It is compatibel with Linux, Mac and Windows.


This tool can set up an encrypted volume and filesystem on a harddrive or on any other storage media device, or file contained. It supports Truecrypt, GELI and LUKS. IT is free, open source and compatible with Linux.


This is a command line tool that generates encrypted volumes within a file or a hard drive. ProxyCrypt as the name suggests, works as a proxy for the ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver.

Hide Files

With Hide Files, you can safeguard your files and folders from eavesdroppers. You just need to set up a master password and lock your files. This will prevent others from accessing your files without using a password.

Free Hide Folder

Free Hide Folder is another free solution that provides security for your data. It allows you to hide private folders. However, some users have reported some malware related concerns.


This is an option that also lets you use encryption with volumes on Mac devices. FileVault performs encryption and decryption on the fly. In order to protect your data using full disk, XTS-AES 128 encryption.


This application encodes files, folders and drives. You only need standard users rights for installing and executing the software. This means that it can be used as a portable solution.


GostCrypt is also a fork of Truecrypt. It is free, open source and works with Windows, Linux and Mac.


With Zed! you can also keep your personal and sensitive data protected in encrypted archives on email, USB sticks and backups. It is freemium, compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows and iOS.


This application can encode, decode, encrypt and decrypt files. It works with any file size. It is free and open source.


This solution hides folders that can be used at home or at work. It is free and it supports 64-bit Windows.

Secure Folder

Secure Folder was created by Samsung and it allows you to take advantage of Samsung’s Knox top protection. It is a security platform that keeps your files protected within a private and encrypted section on your device.

Encrypt Stick

With Encrypt Stick, any USB Flash Drive can be a Digital Privacy Manager. It allows you to keep your files protected and safe. You can also use it to manage your passwords and add extra protection for your data. This is a paid solution that works with Windows, Linux and Mac.

Rohos Mini Drive

This freemium utility allows you to create a hidden and encrypted partition on the USB flash drive memory. You won’t need to open a special program to be able to work with the files.

SSuite Agnot StrongBox Security

If you are looking for top-grade security, SSuite Agnot StrongBox is the best choice. It offers multiple encryption ciphers to protect private data. It is portable and it uses AES-256 encryption.


This is also a highly secure solution that uses advanced encryption algorithms to protect your data.

Folder Lock

Folder Lock lets you protect your personal data including photos, videos and documents. It uses strong password protection. It is a freemium solution.

Privacy Optimizer

This is an advanced tool suite that lets you change your System default privacy settings. You can also hide your IP address with the help of the integrated proxy manager.


This software encrypts your files, protecting them with a password. The files and folders are hidden and protected. It is compatible with Windows.

USB Safeguard

This software us designed to protect files and folders with a password on removable pen drives. It uses AES-256 bits encryption. USB Safeguard is freemium and portable.

WinGuard Pro

WinGuard Pro protects your password and keeps your files protected with high encryption. Your data is secured and it is possible to add password protection to any Windows program.

Kakasoft Folder Protector

This is also a high quality solution to protect your data using a strong password. IT is freemium, portable and works with Windows.

Advanced File Security Basic

This is a solution that allows you to encrypt files and folders without hassle. It can be used without requiring installation. It protects any kind of data to prevent unauthorized access. It is portable.


PenProtect offers a highly secure and comprehensive way to protect the files on your Pen Drive, USB Flash Drive, USB Stick and more, using a password. I


This encryption based software is based on transparent encryption. It uses real-time encryption. It is portable.

Android File Locker with Password Protection

This is a practical utility to protect images and videos. It is available on the Google Play Store and it is free.


This cross-platform file protection service offers top-grade encryption and it is suitable for enterprise environments. With just one click, you can secure the data on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.


Exocet strives to offer an easy, free solution to protect data with high encryption. It uses AES encryption and supports backups.


This is a security application that lets you protect any folder on your device. The folder that is secured with MyLockbox is hidden from any user and application on your system, even from the administrator and the system.


With USBCrypt you can secure your data using password protection. It focuses on flash drives, backup drives and internal drives.

Asmodat Folder Locker

Amosdat Folder Locker stands out thanks to its good speeds and excellent set of features. You can set a password to protect folders and files. It also allows you to encrypt data, as well as files and folders names. It is free and open source.

Cryptic Disk

With Cryptic Disk, it is possible to create virtual encrypted disks. In addition, it encrypts hard disks, memory cards and USB drives.


With CryptoForge, you can protect sensitive data no matter where you are. It uses strong AES encryption.


This is a portable solution that provides strong encryption for Windows DigiVault and it lets you create and manage encrypted file containers or repositories to store confidential data.


Conceal allows you to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data files on the system. It is free and it is available for Windows.


This file encryption and USB protection solution is integrated with the Microsoft Active Directory.


This encryption and decryption solution brings together several algorithms. It is free, open source and works with Linux.


This free and open source solution offers on-the-fly disk encryption, It is suitable for Windows, Mac, Windows Mobile and more. Although some links can still be found online, this application has been discontinued unfortunately.


Here is another free application and it is available under GNU General Public License. It offers encryption for all disk partitions, including the system. Although it was discontinued, it is possible to find some forks.


This application uses easy disk image encryption and it also features built-in backup service. It can back up vaults automatically to a local hard drive, iDisk, network volume and more.

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