Best Blinkist Alternatives

Blinkist is a platform where one could access bibliophile. It is the go to for everyone who would want to add and enhance knowledge through reading. This platform comes with a huge library with about 3000 best-selling non-fiction books. Blinkist offers micro-books in both test and audio formats. Though this app is amazing, just like other apps, Blinkist also has shortcomings such as their support only comes in two languages – English and German. Their free version is also limited and their paid version is a bit expensive with a starting cost of $7.99. Hence, if these drawbacks are too huge for you to consider staying with Blinkist, do not worry as we will feature some alternatives in this article which you could check and try.

1. StoryShots

StoryShots is probably one of the most popular and best alternative for Blinkist. It comes with one of the largest collections of books and it also has a wide range of categories which you could choose from- science, economics, management, communication skills, history and many more. StoryShots also updates regularly with new books weekly. Hence, you could be assured that you will not run out of things to read.

This app also offers text, audio and even videos. As for their prices, they offer free version with little limitations and as low as $2.49 per month for their premium version.

2. BookRags

BookRags is another amazing Blinkist alternative which offers educational resources, essays and even lesson plans. It offers a huge collection of resources and literature. This platform is highly recommended for teachers and students as well. The summaries that you will find in this app is well-written and provides amazing better insights. Though its interface looks a bit outdated, their bios, essays and lesson plans are very interesting and useful. BookRags offers free version which includes brief summaries of articles only and paid version with a starting cost of $19.99 per month.

3. 12min

If you are not highly concerned about prices, 12min is worth checking out. It is very similar to Blinkist in terms of its features and UI. It offers bestselling non-fiction books and micro-books which you could listen to or read. Yes, like Blinkist, this app offers both audio and text versions.

12min also allows its users to it read their favorites even when they are offline. Hence, you will not have to worry about accessing 12min even when you are traveling. As for their subscription plans, 12mins offers free limited access version and a paid version of $69.30 per year. This app comes in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

4. Quiddity

Quiddity comes with a decent library that comes with about 150 summaries. Though it is not as the same with Blinkist, it is a good platform to get popular non-fiction books. They update regular and add new titles every month. From self-improvement to science to psychology books, you will definitely get your dose here at Quiddity. They offer both text and audio as well.

5. Instaread

This app is one of the top-notch competitor of Blinkist. They offer summaries and they have over 800 titles. They also have quick highlights of bestseller books and even New York Times Magazine articles.

Through Instaread, you will get to access originals on important topics and of well-known people. Hence, if you want to satiate your hunger for knowledge and reading, Instaread is a perfect option for you.

Instaread offers a seven-day free trial and they offer their paid version for only $ 4.99.

6. Joosr Book Summaries

This app will get you covered with your needs regarding topics from business to self-help to fitness. They come with amazing library of books which will definitely keep you company during your free time. Joosr Book Summaries allows offline reading, unlimited eBooks and audiobooks. As for their premium version, it starts at $6.49 monthly.

7. Booknotes: Books in 15 Minutes

This app is another perfect alternative option. It is easy to use and its interface is simple and clean. It comes with easy to read format and has high quality books. Furthermore, this app allows offline reading. Hence, if you are traveling or on a holiday, you could still keep tabs on your reading. Booknotes is offered for only $89.99 per year.

Booknotes includes about 700 titles, track completion rates and is available on iOS devices.

8. Snapreads

This app, we could say has it all. It has increasing library and a great user-friendly interface. They have different variety of books and are in thousands of numbers. They also suggest what you could read and its book summaries are close to your choice of books. The only downside of this app is it is very expensive with a price of $14.99/month.

9. ReadingIQ

This app is perfect for kids who are below 12 years of age. They come with about 7000 award winning books with about 700 voiced titles which your kids would definitely enjoy and learn from.

ReadingIQ has a guided reading feature which would surely enhance the reading of your children. You could also, through this app, keep track of the progress of your children. Also, most books in this app are in line with school curriculum and they have comprehension quizzes as well.

10. getAbstract

This app comes with about 20,000 non-fiction books and summaries. You will find their summaries straight-forward and they have about 350 categories which you would truly appreciate and love. This app comes in multiple languages such as German, English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian.

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