Best ChatIW Alternatives

ChatIW is a platform where singles could make and meet new friends from all over the world. It is a social media and dating app combination. It comes with amazing features and functions where you could search for contacts and chat in real-time with your potential soul mate.

It is easy to make new friends here at ChatIW as they have millions of users around the world. You will get to meet singles from all ages and regions.

ChatIW does not require any registration and they have great features which you would definitely love. As a start you could join their public chatroom but before you will be able to do that, you will need to answer some basic questions such a nickname, gender and age. If you wish to chat with someone privately and one-on-one, however, you will need to sign up with your email address. Once you have logged in, you will now be able to enjoy all the features that this app offers. Through this app, you will be able to send and receive unlimited multimedia messages, text messages and even send locations.

If you wish to meet other members who are near you, you will be able to do so with one of this app’s features. Furthermore, if you are shy or a bit apprehensive, you could send anonymous chat. This app comes in multiple languages.

If you are already using ChatIW and would like to explore other apps that are similar to ChatIW, you came to the right place as this article shall feature other apps that are like ChatIW which you could check and try as an alternative.

Best Alternatives to ChatIW

1. ShockRooms

This platform comes with free webcam chat rooms. If you wish to join and talk with other members, all you need to do is check-in as a guest and request other people online to chat with them. In this platform, you will get to meet thousands of other members from all over the world.

ShockRooms come with numerous features. It allows its members and visitors to text and video chat with people from all over the world. Once you enter site, you will start seeing a lot of people in chat rooms who are also open for chatting and meeting new people. Furthermore, if you are a bit apprehensive in sharing your identity, do not worry as this app allows you to hide it and chat anonymously.

2. E-Chat

E-Chat is another great alternative option which offers numerous chat rooms where lovers could talk online. This platform is offered for free and does not need any registration.

This app is a great avenue where you could meet new friends who have the same hobbies and interests as yours. What is amazing about this app is it has numerous members and its chatrooms are very active and responsive. Furthermore, this app does not require Java nor Flash player.

3. ChatStep

ChatStep knows how important communication is. This platform offers you the place where you could chat online with single person and group as well. Through ChatStep, you will be able to create your own chat group and join existing groups. They do not require its members to create an account. All you need to do is visit their website and you are good to chat with anyone whom you would wish to invite to chat.

4. OMGChat

This app is a free webcam support chatting app that comes with numerous members. It allows everyone from all over the world to communicate with each other. All you need to do is visit their site and you would definitely meet a lot of different people with different interests and culture. Through this platform, you will be able to do both voice and video chatting.

5. ChatSecure

If you are looking for a chatting app that offer security, we highly recommend ChatSecure. Their features are backed with OTR encryptioin over XMPP. This means, you will be able to chat with other people and would not have to worry about online security.

ChatSecure allows its users to connect with their existing Google accounts and create a new account on their public XMPP servers including Tor for additional security.

6. Zobe

If you are looking for something to do to kill hours, Zobe is your best bet. Through this app you will be able to chat with other members. It has a karma system which would provide you an improvement to your traditional type of chatting experience. With extra abilities due to Karma, you could experience amazing chats with other real members and decrease you chance in meeting those chat trolls.

7. ChatCrypt

This platform is known for its encrypted chatrooms where you could chat with your loves and friends. Through ChatCrypt you will be able to create group chat rooms as well. All you need to do is create a chatroom and you will be provided with a username and password which you could share with those whom you would want to talk to.

Since this site’s chatrooms are encrypted, take note that you will not be able to see any of it listed anywhere. This means, anyone who are not part of the group will not be able to read any of your messages.

8. ZChat

Another great chatting platform alternative, ZChat offers user-friendly place where you could meet and communicate with other people. This platform is an amazing avenue where you could chat, flirt and even arrange dates.

9. Bit Chat

Bit Chat is a P2P and open source messenger which is encrypted for optimized privacy and security. It is a standalone type of messenger perfect for those who are concerned with LAN and internet chat protection and security.

10. Kandan

Kandan is an open source, secured platform where you could communicate and chat with those who special to you. It does not require any plugins and it ensures safe, stable and fast communication features. This platform is available for web browser users which means you do not need any special software just to chat with your new friends. All you need is your favorite browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. This platform is compatible with Cloud Foundry, Amazon Web Services, appfog and Heroku.


Considered as a reliable multifunctional and cross-platform chatting platform by many, is perfect tool which you could use to collaborate and communicate with your friends. This platform could be used for both official and non-official purposes. This platform is perfect place to discuss important things, meetings and team collaborations.

12. Pidgin- Encryption

This chatting platform comes with encryption function. It allows you to send and receive messages securely. It uses RSA encryption for its multiple chatting feature. It uses private and public key pair for its users while they load plugins. It also supports keys from 512-4096. This platform is available and compatible with Windows.

13. Cyph

Another amazing platform which you could use as an alternative to ChatIW, Cyph is your best bet if you wish a secure and safe chatting environment. In this site, your messages are encrypted. There are no fast rules while using this chatting facility. You do not have to download anything

nor need to register. Through this platform, you could chat with anyone you want without having to worry about your online security.

14. All4Masti

This platform is considered as one the biggest chatting platforms. It comes with multiple chatroom for different countries. It has chat rooms for girls, mobile chatrooms and many more. Through this platform, you will be able to send and receive unlimited messages for free. This platform is also considered as one of the most popular where you could meet numerous amazing people.

15. Chatzy

Chatzy is where you could find free and private chatrooms where you could meet and chat with your friends. You could create a dedicate chatroom and invite anyone by email. This chatting platform comes with adult chat room as well. Hence, if you are a minor, we discourage you to use this platform. Also, keep in mind that for you to be able to join any chatroom here at Chatzy, you will have to send a request to chat.


This platform introduces a new way to communicate. It does not require a server and it is considered as a secret and private platform where you could communicate without any worries. It does not require any registration and it is offered for free for its visitors. Through this platform, you will be able to send message anonymously and have your messages do self-destruction. This platform is web browser based which means you do not need to download nor install any software.

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