Chromecast Alternatives

One of the best hardware inventions of Google is the Chromecast. Through Chromecast, one will be able to stream and watch their favorite videos, listen to music and the like on their television sets. However, though this innovation is one of the greatest ideas Google has created, there are a few hiccups like it is difficult to use, you would need a smartphone for you to be able to use apps such as Netflix and HBO. Another weakness Chromecast has is that most third party apps do not support Chromecast itself. Thus, it only offers limited popular apps usage.

With this, it would be convenient to be able to use or have a gadget that has similar functions and features. Through this article, we will feature, review and discuss Chromecast alternatives that you could use according to your needs.

1. Amazon Fire TV 4K

Amazon Fire TV 4k is a TV accessory which could convert one’s television into a smart TV and it could be controlled through one’s voice. All you have to do is plug in this accessory into your television’s HDMI port and you could now start watching. It is easy to use and has its own interface which does not require you to have a smart phone to be able to watch.

The Amazon Fire TV 4K is compatible and is supported by numerous streaming apps and it also supports HDR, Dolby ATMOS audio and app store which entitles you to download and watch through Netflix, HBO Go and the like. This device comes with quad core processor which makes its performance faster.

2. Roku Streaming Stick+

This device supports and is compatible with 4K HDR streaming and is easy to use. Just plug it into your television’s HDMI port and you are good to go.

The Roku Streaming Stick+ operates with its own interface which does not require you to use a smartphone. Moreover, this device comes with a remote control which enables you to control the volume and power of your television set.

Roku supports ATMOS surround which gives you a wonderful listening experience if attached to a home theater system.

3. Amazon Fire TV Cube

Powered by Alexa of Amazon, the Amazon Fire TV Cube allows its users to control their television sets and any other accessories such as blue ray player, A/V receiver, cable connections, game consoles, etc. attached to your TV through its voice control system. This device supports 4K, Dolby ATMOS audio and HDR 10.

4. Apple TV 4K

Though the Apple TV 4K is a bit more expensive than others, it is worth your money as it is powered by A10X fusion chipset. This chipset is the same device that could be seen in iPad Pro which makes this device

fast and powerful to play iOS games. It also comes with a built-in 32/64 GB where you could save your downloads and movies.

Just like other products of Apple, this device comes with the popular Siri which makes it easier to use. It also allows one to cast videos and pictures from any of your iOS devices.

5. Roku Ultra

Roku is considered as one of the most powerful device or player. It comes with a quad core processor and could be used wirelessly. It also comes with a remote and could search through voice control. If you lost the remote which comes with this device, fret not as the Roku Ultra comes with a lost remote feature. It also has an etherrnet port. It supports Dolby ATMOS surround and has a headphone port.

6. Nvidia Shield TV

For gamers and movie lovers, this device is for you. The Nvidia Shield TV comes with 4K HDR quality and supports Dolby ATMOS and DTS-X. This device allows you to install apps such as YouTube, Hulu and Netflix. You could also cast media and photos from any Android device.

As mentioned earlier, this device is recommended for gamers as the Nvidia Shield allows its users to gamestream and cast games from PC to TV.

7. AirTame

AirTame allows one to cast through Windows, macOS and Linux to your television sets. AirTame is highly recommended for educational and professional use. AirTame allows one to cast wirelessly and stream to multiple screens which offers easier access and usage for presentations and lectures. This device is compatible to both iOS and Android.

8. Apps which work like Chromecast

There are a few apps that one could use as a substitute for Chromecast such as AllCast. This app is free and allows one to stream any stored media to one’s television set. Another recommended app is the AirScreen which is knowns to be one of the most advanced Android transmission receiver. It allows one to share screen, audios, pictures and videos.


We hope this article helps you find the best Chromecast alternative that would suit your streaming and casting needs through the list featured above. Happy streaming!

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