Best Coinbase Alternatives for Bitcoin

There are numerous buying options for those who would like to purchase Bitcoin. However, before buying, you must consider a lot of things such as having to buy it in your country’s currency. If you go through that method, know that you will have fewer purchasing options. Though through it you could purchase it on a coinbase which is based on US exchange rate and via Visa/Mastercard credit cards at an instant, at present, it is only offered to 32 countries.

Due to the said limitation, not everyone could and would be able invest in Bitcoins. However, through this article, you will learn that there are other coinbase alternatives which would allow you to be able to purchase and invest.

1. CEX

London based, CEX started to operate in 2013. It has a reach of 99% countries around the world. CEX allows buying and selling of Bitcoin and Ethereum through credit card and debit card as paying options. It also allows wire transfers of currencies such as GBP, EUR, USD and RUB and has strict security features. You could also access their services through mobile app and they offer great customer support should you encounter any problems.

2. Coinmama

This digital financial service company, Coinmama started in Israel in 2013 but is internationally registered in Slovakia. Coinmama services in about 180 countries and allows buying of ETH, ADA, BCH, LTC and BTC in these said countries. You could purchase coins through Coinmama’s credit card but know it will charge you 5% additional fee and has a minimum cap of $10 for each transaction.

3. Kraken

Kraken is based in San Francisco and has been operational since 2011. Aside from operating in the US, Kraken is also known as one of the largest Euro to crypto markets. It allows trading of ETH, XMR, DASH, LTC, XLM, XRP, ETC, ICN, REP, MLN, ZEC, USDT, XDG, EOS and GNO which you could buy and sell in currencies such as USD, CAD, EUR, JYP and GBP. Kraken also allows SEPA wire transfer.

As for security, you will not have to worry since they have a two-factor authentication and has a master key for account recovery.

4. Gemini

Based in the US, Gemini operates in compliant with New York Department of Financial Services and operates in 52 states and in 6 countries. They allow buying and selling of BTC and ETH. Paying

options are through USD wire transfer. The amazing thing with Gemini is they don’t charge extra fees for wire transfer deposits.

If you are just starting, Gemini is the best platform to use.

5. Local Bitcoins (LBC)

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Local Bitcoins allows trading through peer to peer option. It has a reach and ground bitcoin buyers from over 15,000 cities worldwide. LBC allows trading through both online and offline and pay in cash, wire transfer, use PayPal or direct bank deposit.

LBC requires registration through email which you will have to be careful when you transact with other traders but should you wish to build trust with other traders, they could verify your identity.

6. Bitcoin ATMs

Though Bitcoin ATMs are not found and popular in many places, it is one good alternative for you to use to be able to invest in Bitcoins. All you need is to have access to EUR, US or GBP currencies then scan your address on the machine and it will immediately transfer BTC to your address.

7. Mycelium Local Trader

Mycelium Local Trader acts as an escrow manager and an app which would help you buy or sell bitcoins. Through it you will be able to view fees of traders and sellers and confirm payment. However, to complete trading, you will need to meet in person.

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