Best Datafeedr API Alternatives

Datafeedr Application Programming Interface (API) is a platform that provides its users access to a database of about 10,000 merchants, 32 affiliate networks and about a total of 250,000,000 products. The Datafeedr API plugin comes with the following:


* Datafeedr Product Sets

* WooCommerce Importer

The Datafeedr API provides the following services:

* Selects affiliate networks you are member of

* Configures API connection settings

* Adds affiliate network affiliate IDs

* Selects merchants

* Views API account usage

* Imports and exports your selection of affiliate networks or merchants

Alternatives for Datafeedr API

1. Synced Daily Deals

To be able to use Synced Daily Deals, one has to have an active subscription on This platform offers access to database of affiliate’s daily deals. One could access about 100 merchants and 80 affiliate networks. This plugin offers WooCommerce and performs the following tasks for you:

* Imports data from account

* Configures API connection settings

* Publishes and unpublishes daily deals

* Removes published expired offers

2. Datafeedr Comparison Sets

This Datafeedr gets to compare prices for any product in your WooCommerce by using shortcodes. To be able to use this platform, you will have to subscribe to an API plan.

3. Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer

This datafeedr selects, searches and imports affiliate products to your WordPress website. It also displays the products through the most popular tool, WooCommerce.

4. Affiliate Power

This plugin tracks all your affiliate income per post and saves all the data in your server. This plugin comes with Premium version that analyzes your income through keywords, referrer and campaigns.


* Syncs your income to the Webwork Dashboard

* Supports networks such as adcell, commission junction,, digistore24, belboon, tradedoubler, webgains, ebay, zanox and amazon.

* Oversees all Leads and Sales

* Filters your imports

* Tracks your income per posts, referrer, pages, keywords and URL

* Exports all Sales as Excel-CSV

* Automatic daily infomail on new or changes Sales

* Provides statistics over period income per posts, networks, partners, days, weeks, months, referrer, landing pages, keywords and URL- Parameters

* Provides detailed statistics over single posts and partners.

5. SellFire Affiliate Store Builder

This plugin provides affiliates and adds product advertisements to their blog. SellFire provides services and performs tasks such as:

* Creating custom product and coupon galleries to provide for your blog posts and pages

* Searches 60 million product advertisements

* Links all product and coupons to your affiliate IDs

* Imports affiliate products to PremiumPress, WooCommerce, ShopperPress and CouponPress

* Creates a product page for each product

* Integrates affiliate networks with merchants such as:

-Commission Junction

-Google Affiliate Network

-Link Share




-Affiliate Window


6. Tradetracker-Store

Tradetracker is a plugin which allows its users to add a store to WordPress. It generates product feeds for you. Through the Tradetracker, you will not have to own a complete webstore to be able to earn money. However, you will need to choose a store which is connected to tradetracker and add it.

7. WP-LinkChanger

The WP-LinkChanger is a tool with small script that will change your affiliate links to an internal file.

8. Alfie- Feed Plugin

This plugin is a platform that focuses on marketing. A Loyal Feed Interface (Alfie) is usually used for productfeeds that could import any feed and compare prices of sites.

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