Best Stores Like Express

A well-known, popular American retailer that offers fashionable apparel, Express has been in the fashion industry for almost 3 decades and counting. Their products are amazing and cool and comes with very affordable prices as well. If you are looking for something but unfortunately cannot find it in Express, do not worry as there are other sites that are very similar to Express which you could try and check.

Best Express Alternatives

1. J Crew

J Crew is an American that specializes in multi-brand fashion retail. This store’s products are not only for young boys and girls but also men, women and kids as well. They launch new styles almost every day and can shop not only from their physical stores but online as well. They offer free shipping for purchases $150 and above.

Aside from fashionable clothes, J Crew also carries shoes, intimates, accessories, sunglasses, bags and many more. They also have high-end brands and their own collection as well.

2. Levi’s

Levi’s does not need any introduction as its brand has been well-known by everyone around the world. This American clothing company has been in the industry since 1853 and has been selling its renowned blue jeans all over the world since then up to present. They have captured the hearts of everyone with the quality, versatility and design of their jeans. Levi’s has products not only for young men and women but also kids as well. They also have expanded their line to tops, accessories, sweatshirts, shoes and many more.

Levi’s online store offers free shipping for purchases $100 and above.

3. Fashion Nova

If you are looking for something really similar to Express, Fashion Nova is one of your best bet. This site offers products solely for women. Though this is the case, Fashion Nova is continuously growing and who knows maybe in the near future this store will offer other products that will cater for men.

This store adds about 600 styles every week and they offer free shipping for purchases worth $75 and more. Through this site, you will be able to choose from wide range of varieties of rompers, jeans, dresses, jumpsuits, lingerie, active or sportswear, accessories, beauty products and many more.

Aside from their online shop, you could also purchase stuff from their Instagram store as well.

4. Urban Outfitters

Another amazing and well-trusted brand, Urban Outfitters is a good alternative brand for Express. They offer all types of fashionable stylish, bohemian, hipster and trendy type of clothes which would surely attract young women and men.

This brand offers products both online and offline as well. They have numerous physical stores worldwide which would make it easier for you to shop anywhere you are. Their market is both young men and women and they do not offer only fashionable clothes but also grooming essentials, music and tech, intimates and home décor stuff as well.

Urban Outfitter’s products are offered at affordable prices and offers free shipping for purchases amounting to $50 and above.

5. Forever 21

Forever 21 is another famous stores worldwide. They offer different types of fashionable dresses, sportswear, intimates, shoes, casual clothing, beauty items, graphic tees, jewelry, accessories and many more. They also have Plus size clothing. Looking for something nice? Go to forever 21 and you would surely enjoy shopping. Moreover, their prices are really affordable as well and you would love their free shipping for a minimum purchase of $21.

6. Gap

Gap is a very family oriented store and is part of famous subsidiary brands such as Old Navy, Athleta, Banana Republic and many more. This store is another great option similar to Express. They have cool chic fashionable style that most would love to wear.

This brand is also one of the largest fashion retailers that does not ship only to the US but also to other locations worldwide. Gap worldwide has about 3,000 stores.

Gap offers wide range of options of sportswear, sweatshirts, dresses, maternity clothes and stuff, shoes, accessories and many more for babies, kids, toddlers, girls, boys, women and men.

Free shipping for purchases $50 and above. They also have wish lists, discounts and gift cards as well.

7. American Eagle Outfitters

With 929 stores worldwide, who would not know American Eagle Outfitters? This brand has been in the industry for 41 years and counting. American Eagle Outfitters is a great Express alternative option that targets market of female and male students or youngsters. Their clothes are said to be comfortable and they offer swimwear, accessories, bags, women and men clothes, intimates and shoes as well. They also have a tailgate section for school based shopping in the US.

If you are looking for versatility, American Eagle Outfitters is your way to go.

8. H&M

Hennes and Mauritz or more commonly known as H&M, a Swedish fashion retail company offers stylish clothes to young people. If you are in need of any fashionable trendy clothes, H&M is your best solution. They have about 4,500 stores worldwide and have an online shopping. Though H&M could be considered as high-end clothing due to a little bit higher prices, their styles are very unique that you would not mind spending a bit more. The offer different types of fashionable clothing for kids, women and men, shoes, home décor and accessories as well.

9. Men’s Wearhouse

Men’s Wearhouse is just one of the few options that cater solely to men. They have been in the industry for 40 years and counting. This store is owned by Tailored Brands and is keeping up with the theme of power dressing for men. They offer different categories such as suits, blazers, shirts, shoes, sport coats and many more.

Currently, Men’s Wearhouse has about 700 stores worldwide. If you are looking for men’s clothes, Men’s Wearhouse has them all. Do not forget to check their tuxedos and suits collections.

10. Guess

Guess is another great alternative option for Express. Guess is another brand that does not need any introduction. They have amazing number of fashionable stores worldwide for men and women all over the globe. They offer clothing for men, kid, women. They also have shoes, dresses, bags, accessories, sunglasses and many more.

Guess is a bit pricier than the rest of stores in this list but because they offer high quality and amazing designs, no one could resist owning at least one of their products. Their online store comes with store locator service and has timely deals and discounts as well.


Looking for fashionable clothes and accessories? We hope that through this article we were able to provide you options between affordable and high-end designs that you would truly love and appreciate. So what are you waiting for check their sites and start shopping!

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