Best Fiverr Alternatives

Nowadays, we have more options to earn income than ever before. It is possible to say that all you need is a computer and an internet connection to make some money. There is a high demand for services and if you have the skills and the time, you can offer them online to make extra cash, and even to make a living. It is possible to find many platforms that give you the chance to share your work with others and to find potential customers. You can connect with people from all over the world and set up a business or just increase your regular income. There are many websites designed to give people the chance to earn money by offering products and services. One of the most popular options when it comes to showcasing skills and offering freelance services is Fiverr. This website supports a varied selection of categories and it gives users the chance to offer translation services, editing, writing and much more. It also gives companies and individuals the possibility of finding someone who can do the work for them. Fiverr is not the only option available when it comes to making money online, so if you want to know what other websites you can try, take a look at our list.


Freelancer is another very popular solution to make money online by offering skilled services. It has a community of over 17 million users and it allows people to create and account in just a few steps. Freelancers need to set up a profile, provide some examples of their work and also describe what type of projects they would like to be involved in. Another detail that is important to include is how much you charge since this is information that potential customers will consider before hiring someone to do the job. People who are looking to hire someone to work on a project can post ads for free, including information such as job description, deadlines and price. In Freelancer, there is a bidding process and the project is assigned to whoever meets all the conditions and offers the best value for money.


If you are a talented writer or editor, make sure that you check Upwork. This is one of the leading solutions when it comes to writing and editing freelancers. Signing up is very easy and it is possible to register for free, although you can also upgrade to a paid plan. This would be needed in some cases as there are jobs that require a specific amount of credits to bid for them. If you want to have better chances to get projects, getting a paid plan is recommended. When you create a profile, you need to list your work experience and the amount of money that you wish to be paid per hour. Potential employers can divide a project into milestones with a set deadline in which freelancers get paid whenever a milestone is completed.


There are many companies looking for someone who can bring their vision to life. If you are a designer, you can connect with those who need your skills through 99Designs. This is a convenient platform to offer your design skills to employers who need help with logos, newsletters, website design and more. There are many kinds of projects available on 99designs. Potential customers can look for talent and hire those who have the right skills and who can bring the best results while working on a project.


Here is another freelancer website that is focused on projects for coders and software developers. To get started, there is a screening process that is designed to check the skills and the level of experience of those who want to register as freelancers. After this information is confirmed, you will be matched to projects and clients that are suitable to you. Keep in mind that if the work submitted is not up to a high standard, the company is not obliged to pay. This is why TopTal has a strict screening process in place and it is set to match freelancers and projects in the best possible way.

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is set to be a comprehensive and convenient way for companies to find talented freelancers with experience in designed, programming, customer support and more. The website is completely free and it doesn’t involve high prices or intermediaries for those looking for talent. Freelancers and companies can connect easily, but in order to be able to sign up, freelancers need to pay a small fee. After that, there are no additional charges. This means that freelancers receive the full amount paid by the company.


Guru specializes in providing a platform for expert freelancers and employers who are seeking for high quality skills for their projects. The website is an effective solution for writers, photographers, editors, designers, developers and much more. Potential clients can look through a vast database of freelancer profiles and portfolios. There are over 3 million users in Guru and it is possible to post a job for free.


Codeable is the leading solution to find WordPress experts and other skilled freelancers. If you have a project that requires a high level of expertise on WordPress, give Codeable a try. This website allows users to submit projects and freelancers can bid on them but only after reading the terms and agreeing to them. Codeable is designed to ensure that freelancers and clients find the best match for their skills/projects.

Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk enables freelancers and employers to connect through a platform that is simple. You don’t need to have advanced or special skills to get a job through Mechanical Turk. If a company is looking for someone to help with a task that is not too complicated, or that doesn’t require a particular skill, they can try this Amazon owned crowdsourcing marketplace. The project can be advertised with a description and the rate that is offered. Freelancers are also able to bid for the jobs available for a nominal amount that increases as you work in more projects.


If you have a project and need someone to help you with it, or to look after it completely, you can try Outsourcely, a convenient platform to find freelancers. The website offers an extensive list of skilled freelancers that are ready to help you with your project. It is possible to reach directly to a freelancer to talk about the project and find out if they are the best match for the task. Outsourcely offers convenient prices, giving freelancers and employers the best possible experience.


Working on a large scale, demanding project can be overwhelming, but you can get the right help online. Companies can connect with freelancers who have the skills that you need to complete your project. There are contract workers, professionals who can work part time and freelancers who are ready to bring their skillset to your company. It is a convenient solution for potential employers who are looking to hire temporary workers. What makes Workhoppers different from other options in the list is that it is designed for local freelancers. You get a job based on the location, instead of being able to work online. After being selected for a project, a face to face meeting may be arranged and if you are successful, you can work in the company’s office.

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