Best Games like IMVU

For over a decade, IMVU has been entertaining people around the world, offering them the chance to interact with others, using 3D avatars. This online platforms allows you to chat with new people, make friends, play games and more. You can create your own avatar and customize it with the help of the vast selection of accessories available including hats, glasses and t-shirts. IMVU invites you to join a large community of users that are living the engaging interactive experience that IMVU offers. There are many ways to enjoy IMVU, which is why it has become the largest virtual world that exists. It features millions of users and endless possibilities, but if you want to try similar games, check our list of the best alternatives to IMVU.

Second Life

This online virtual world created by Linden Lab is the leading platform of its kind and since it was launched in 2003, it has been capturing the attention of players from all over the world. This massively multiplayer online game lets you customize your character and change your appearance. There is an impressive range of products available in many different categories. From clothing, to furniture, to pet accessories and much more. In Second Life, you can even create your own business selling digital items and make money in real life. The game offers realistic graphics and gives players the possibility of creating new items and enjoying new experiences and adventures. It is a great place to be creative and build the world that you want using your imagination.


Owned by Finnish company Sulake, Habbo is another popular game with social networking elements. It is particularly popular among teenagers and it offers fun graphics and a lot of entertaining activities. Habbo is not only a great place to talk to people and make new friends, it also lets you unleash your imagination through competitions that allow you to redesign parts of the game. There are new items and goods released on a regular basis and the game is always offering something interesting. This virtual hotel has a lot of entertaining options available for its hosts/players.

Avakin Life

Avakin makes gives users a central role in the evolution of this virtual world and it offers a wide range of options to interact with other people. The platform gives you the chance to meet and interact with people who share your interests. You will be able to enjoy Avakin Life from everywhere and have freedom to create your own experience. You can design the appearance and choose the style of your virtual avatar. There are users from all around the world and you can chat with them and even invite them to virtual parties and unique events that take place in this virtual world.


This mobile-based Android and iOS virtual world was created by LINE Corporation, a company that is also behind the popular Instant Messaging App of the same name. LINE PLAY stands out for its endearing characters and easy login process. You can create your own avatar and dress it up in the way you prefer. There are millions of users enjoying this cute game and you will find countless activities and options to personalize your experience with LINE Play.


MovieStarPlanet is another great option for fans of IMVU as it offers the chance to become a star. You can make your dreams come true and customize your avatar in the way you want. In this platform, you can be a singer, a dancer and more, while you meet people from all around the world. It is a fun and easy way to meet new people and to discover a virtual world full of fashion, lights and adventures. You can dress your character in the way you want and decorate your home in any way you like.

Kingdom Island

Kingdom Island is an online virtual world that is ideal for children. It offers a fun and safe environment where kids can learn and play with their friends. Players can customize their own dragons and enjoy a great selection of games and activities as they interact with others. There are games for all ages and Kingdom Island gives special attention to safety, giving parents information about the game and how it is designed to offer a worry-free experience that will keep children engaged.


Previously known as YoVille, this game offers everything to help users to have fun as they enjoy freedom to decorate their homes, customize their characters and meet new people in this entertaining platform. YoWorld has been around since 2008 and it offers players the chance to explore different parts of the world that the game offers. You can also have your own place in the game and decorate it with the wide variety of items available. There is a pet store, lots of clothing and many other options to explore.


Smeet is also a great platform to meet people and it brings together fantasy, MMO, and virtual world. The game can be played on a browser and once you sign up using you email address and creating a password and nickname, your account will be ready to be used and you can start choosing your character’s appearance and wardrobe. This is a great place to meet friends, chat and play games with them. You can also decorate your house according to your style.

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