Apps like Grubhub

For food lovers, Grubhub is a heaven-sent application that works as an efficient and convenient order application for delivery and is used by both the best restaurants and customers. Through this app, you could know the full menu of any restaurant of your type.

Grubhub is very popular in the US and it has quite a number of consumers and restaurant partners. This app makes it so easy to get food delivered in a very quick way. It also has an Express Order service where you can re-order your favorites in an instant. This app provides you selections in about 1,100 cities.

For those who cannot access this app or thinks this app has very limited features, there are other apps that are similar to it which you will enjoy and help you get your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant.

1. Eat24

This free app is one of the best for ordering food and picking-up your favorites from your local favorite restaurants. Its interface is simple which makes it easy to use and easy to order meals and food items. It is partnered with more than 40,000 restaurants in about 1,500 cities all over the world.

This app provides searching and ordering full menus, real-time reviews, free coupons and customer support features. Furthermore, if you are a health-conscious buff, this app offers a healthy filter to discover healthy menu.

2. FoodPanda

FoodPanda is one amazing food picking app that provides the best tasty food from your local restaurants delivered to your house in a fast and quickly manner. To access this wonderful app, all you have to do is enter your address, choose your favorite restaurant, order, wait for the delivery man and then enjoy your delicious food at the comfort of your home.

3. OpenTable

OpenTable is another great app that allows its users and restaurant partners to deliver, find, reserve, manage restaurant and explore. It comes with new restaurant features, real-time reviews, photos, earn reward points, view restaurant menu features and many more.

4. DoorDash

This app is a tool that could help you explore your town and find places offers great flavors from your local restaurants, it also allows its users to search cuisine with speed and ease so as the

prices of your favorite foods and menu. You could pay through card and track the delivery of your order through their site or app.

5. Postmates

Postmates is an app that helps its users to get their orders just in a few minutes. All you have to do is to swipe down the app, explore, swipe left to search and right to see the details of your previous orders.

6. Food Delivery

This app ensures the on-demand orders are delivered with speed. They deliver beers, spirits, vines and many more without any price mark-ups. If you are lazy to get things that you need or food for dinner, lunch or breakfast, this app is a great option. Moreover, it has free pick-up service, drop back service, offers delivery points and rewards that you could surely enjoy.

7. UberEATS

UberEATS is another food delivery app that provides services in fast, handy and easy manner. Through UberEATS, you could get fresh food from nearby restaurants. Furthermore, this app could manage orders from hundreds of restaurants. If you wish to experience their services, all you have to do is to download this app to your smartphones and start ordering.

8. Instacart

Instacart is foods and drinks delivery app. This app’s service is one of the best with its accuracy and speed. You could get products from any shop near your place within the same day you order it. This app is actually best for getting your groceries delivered to your home.

9. EatNow

EatNow is an app which allows you to explore things around you and purchase it and get it delivered to your homes. This app comes with restaurant discovery, food menu, review of the food and services as well. This app is partnered with about 7,500 restaurants and accepts payment via credit card, PayPal, Android Pay and cash as well.

10. Zomato

Zomato is an app where you could discover food items, restaurants, cafes, pubs and many more. Through this app, you could get to view menu, photos, reviews and ratings as well. It also allows you to add restaurants which you would want to visit to your bookmark. Through this app, you could also place healthy food orders.

11. Just Eat

Just Eat is a meal and a grocery delivery app. It is partnered with around 27,000 restaurants and it is an app where you could save more through exclusive offers. It is an app where not only you could have your food delivered but also allows you to order and pick up your order on your way home.

12. EatStreet

EatStreet is one of the most organized app that helps its users to order in an easy and fast manner. This app delivers food and provides great take-out experience. It also comes with amazing features that helps the users feel comfortable and use the app in a very convenient way.

13. Hungryhouse

Hungryhouse provides its users the best takeaways near them. It also provides alternatives and the easiest ways to be able to get your favorite foods. This app comes with about 10,000 takeaways and over 60 cuisine types you could choose from.

14. Foodora

Foodora is another wonderful food delivery app that helps its users to find amazing restaurants and allows its users to place an order to their favorite restaurants. All you have to do is download the app on your smartphone and start browsing menus, place an order and enjoy food at the comfort of your home.

15. e-Food Deliver

This app comes with your favorite choice for takeaways and delivery from your favorite stores. This app has about 4,000 partner stores in over 50 cities in Greece. So if you are in Greece, this app could certainly help you and provide you convenience in ordering, picking-up and delivering food from your favorite stores.

16. Caviar

Caviar is a food and groceries delivery app. In this app, you will be able to choose through the menu that is available in its interface. It also comes with meal pictures which will surely make your eyes go gaga. This app also has a pre-ordering facility which allows you to schedule delivery up to a week ahead. It also allows its users to monitor their orders through its tracking feature.

17. Seamless

And last but not the least on our list is Seamless. Seamless is a free app with free services and is one of the best apps for ordering food delivery and pickup. This app also partners with numerous local stores which provides you numerous food options which you could enjoy at home.

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