Best Jamboard Alternatives

Jamboard is an online whiteboard tool that comes with advanced features and has the ability to visualize and transform your ideas into a sketch. Aside from that, this tool lets you collaborate and work easily with your team. Through this tool you could easily access different interactive canvas which also allows you to drag images from the web. Furthermore, it allows you to co-author real-time which means, you do not have to worry about productivity and efficiency.

Jamboard could be used on both single area or place and all over across the world. They offer their software on mobile app. This tool is known of its accurate display of original sketch. It also comes with features that could save and share your ideas, passive stylus, eraser support and join jams from anywhere.

Furthermore, this tool also offers affordable pricing plans which allows you to unlimitedly access all of its features.

Though Jamboard is an amazing and great tool, there are other tools that are similar to Jamboard that is worth exploring as well.

1. OpenBoard

OpenBoard, similar to Jamboard is a whiteboard that offers interactive features that are designed specifically for schools and universities. It is compatible with mobile devices, Linux, MacOS, Windows, projectors and pointing devices. This tool is perfect for those who are in open education system and is open to use different, unique teaching tool. It is an open- source and cross platform under GPL.

This tool is easy to use and easy to download. You do not need any registration and is perfect tool to engage k12 students. It comes with handwriting tool which allow you to make use of it as an interactive whiteboard, mouse and pen tablets. Through OpenBoard, you will be able to collaborate real time, have a dual screen support, web browser, ability to export PDF and add elements such as text boxes and boards, pictures and videos.

2. Cr4yon

This online and advanced whiteboard tool is another great option for collaborative drawing. It allows its users to sketch, add text and create designs through the use of a pen touch. It is available on desktop and mobile devices such as Android and iOS. This tool is perfect for small and large scale businesses. It allows you to access remotely and work with your team.

This tool comes with quick setup guide, multi-color facility and export board online features. This tool is offered for free and allows you to bring your ideas into professional drawing.

3. Rye Board

This tool is designed for making teams and clients aligned. It is a tool that could be used to communicate project content. It comes with card system and boards and allows its users to share documents with their clients and use this tool as a real time communication app. It uses Slack and google docs for the mentioned purposes.

Through this tool, you will be able to organize and create your to-dos, collect feedback and explain business concepts. Furthermore, through Rye Board, you will be able to collaborate and handle your team through features such as sync edits, share multiple boards and connect content by using connectors. Also, it allows you to track everything in real-time.

4. Conceptboard

Conceptboard is another online collaboration tool that is designed specifically for the purpose of team collaboration and project management. It is perfect for medium and large scaled enterprises and businesses. This tool is a cloud based system which could be accessed by anyone from your team anywhere they are.

Conceptboard is great for developing products, real-time feedback, project management/planning and conducting virtual meetings. Through this tool you will be able to organize and track your team through their features such as dropbox, trello, google drive any many more.

5. Stormboard

This tool is perfect for planning and brainstorming with your team online. It allows you to manage and join projects, participate in remote meetings and collaborate with your team. It allows you to share sticky notes and use google sheets, trello, Microsoft products and many more. This tool is compatible with mobile devices such as iOS and Android. Aside from that through this tool, you will not have any problems in viewing meeting notes clearly.

6. Whiteboard

Whiteboard is another real-time online whiteboard that allows its users to do quick sketches. This tool is available on devices such as iPads, mobile phones and tablets. Whiteboard comes with simple interface and offers unlimited space. It also allows its users to use touch pencil, keyboard and has a text option as well.

7. Whiteboard team

Whiteboard team is an amazing advanced online whiteboard that allows you to organize and lead your team. It helps you and your team to be efficient and allows you to collaborate with each

other for improved productivity. Through this tool, you will be able to present, brainstorm, do some marketing, planning and many more. Through Whiteboard team, you will be able to use zoom-able canvas and share sticky notes. Through Whiteboard team, you will be able to share your thoughts and transform it into a visual form.

8. Scribblar

This whiteboard tool allows you to share videos, play live audio and share images. You could also upload and share documents without any problems. This tool is perfect for teachers and tutors. It could also integrate third party websites and allows team members to connect with each other. This tool allows multi-user collaboration as well.

9. Scribble Online Whiteboard

Scribble Online Whiteboard is another advanced whiteboard tool that allows its users to sketch through web-based or mobile devices such as iPad/iPhone and/or Android. It also allows you to draw images and export them on PDF. It allows you to be able to attach your image and snap a picture or doodle as well. Furthermore, through this tool, you will be able to share a board as a PDF file.

10. Deekit

This tool is designed for sharing and coordinating with teams. It is compatible with desktops and mobile devices as well. Deekit is perfect for small and large-sized business enterprises. It allows you to remotely access designing tools and connect with other people online. Furthermore, it allows you to share notes, drawings and writings.

11. Whiteboard fox

This tool allows its users to make quick sketches and collaborate with teams in real-time. Through Whiteboard fox, you will be able to share and increase productivity. Using Whiteboard Fox will help you sketch your idea without experiencing any installation issues. It could sync facilities fast as well.

12. IDroo

IDroo is designed for educational purposes. It provides real-time collaboration features and allows teachers and students to connect with each other no matter where they are. It allows its users to use whiteboard freely and share documents, formula and equations. You could also upload images and it has pasting features too. This tool is compatible with Linux, Windows, Android and iOS.

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