Milanote Alternatives

A powerful tool, Milanote is a simple platform where you could organize and transform your ideas and projects into visual boards. In this tool, you will be able to bring your ideas, notes and research side by side. You will be able to experiment, create your ideas and explore the possibilities. You could edit unlimited documents, import images and videos. You could also communicate with your team through emails, messages and notes. With this tool, you could be assured that your documents, notes, ideas and plans are secured and provides you the ability to customize, import images, team collaboration and drag and drop option. If you are looking for a tool like Milanote, you are in luck as we would be featuring alternatives that are similar to Milanote.

1. Day One Journal

This tool is one of the most popular award-winning mobile application that would help you keep track of your plans. Day One Journal which was launched by Bloom Built allows its users to use this app as their memory journal, travel journal, calendar journal and many more. If you want and need to journal your daily activities and life, this app is perfect for you.

2. Grid Diary

An all-in-one diary app, Grid Diary allows you to write a diary in a unique way. Through this app, you will be able to write on a pre-defined template that would serve as your diary. If you are not comfortable with the built-in template that Grid Diary has, you could always add or delete the amount of grid and text. With this app, you will be able to create and write diary entries, have unlimited folders, upload images, check the weather and tag locations without any limitations.

3. Capture 365 Journal

Easy to use diary app, Capture 365 Journal is designed for mobile users who needs to track daily activities, thoughts, journal and diary. With humble beginnings, this app now currently has millions of users from all over the world. It has the ability to store your daily entries through cloud and also comes with cloud sync data encryption to ensure safety.

4. Reminisce Journal

This app is for free and is available on iOS. Through this app, you will be able to capture and record your daily activities, live your moments, write your ideas, thoughts and travel logs. With this app being available on mobile and tablet devices, you will be able to access it everywhere and anywhere you are in the world. Furthermore, this app also comes with a built-in calendar, add events and create reminders. It also lets you create unlimited folders, contacts, locations, tags and add emoticons.

To use Reminisce Journal, you will need to register through your email address. This will ensure that your entries will be stored and sync through cloud. If you are looking for comprehensive diary and/or journal app, Reminisce Journal is highly recommended.

5. Joplin

A free, open-sourced note taking and to-do app, Joplin has the ability to store large number of notes and organize them into a notebook. It allows its users to search, tag, copy, edit and modify their notes. This app also is able to sync your notes through NextCloud, Microsoft OneDrive and WebDAV.

Joplin is available and compatible with macOS, Microsoft Windows and Linux. It also allows its users to synchronize notes on all of their devices such as tablet, mobile devices and laptop.

6. Momento

Momento is an app which could serve as your private diary and daily journal. This app was developed, launched and published by D3I Ltd., a company that would like to ensure that your memories are captured and kept alive. Through this app, you will be able to explore, search, relive and share your story.

Momento allows you to jot down notes, save videos, images, record your daily activities, post pictures and many more. This app is perfect for all types of journaling and capturing data for your health, creativity and memories.

7. Standard Notes

If you are looking for an app that will keep your notes, events, activities and thoughts private and secured, Standard Notes is the best way to go. Aside from that this app allows you to create notes anytime, anywhere and it also lets you easily import images, weather, locations and many more.

Standard Notes comes with an end to end encryption features which means, as mentioned above, everything that you write in this app is kept private and is secured from anyone including your ISPs.

8. Cryptee

A powerful cross-platform app, Cryptee is highly encrypted which will keep all your notes, documents, files and images private and secured. Through this app, you will be able to easily take notes and add videos, audio and images without any limitations. Cyptee as mentioned earlier is a secured platform which uses a military grade encryption feature, AES256. It also allows you to live sync everything that you encode in this app with all the devices you have unlimitedly.

Furthermore, this app comes with secure data backups and it also could work as a powerful editor that could format your documents with embed images, audios, videos and hotkeys.

9. Open Live Writer

Designed and launched for professional writers, through Open Live Writer, you will be able to edit, author and distribute blog posts. It is compatible with multiple blog services such as WordPress, blogger, Moveable type, DashBlog and many more. Through this app, you will be able to publish your stuff easily on any of your preferred blog platforms. This app allows its users to write even offline and publish them online. Furthermore, with Open Live Writer, you will be given a short permissive MIT license which is a simple and easy to use software.

10. Diaro

Diaro is another perfect option for writing diary, journal entries, mood tracker and notes. Through this app, you will be able to jot down all your daily tasks, activities, appointments, events, secrets, ideas and experiences. You will also be able to sync all of your data on Diaro to all of your devices. Aside from that, you will also be able to search your previous diary/journal entries, title, text and filter them by tags, dates, locations and folders. Through Diaro, you will be able to capture and record your memories, moments and track your life as well.

11. Notesmartly

This app is perfect for creating wide boards, notebooks, task list, to-do list, scribbles and many more. Notesmartly is well-known for being an all-in-one note-taking app which makes it easier for its users to organize, plan and communicate. This app allows you to capture messages, conversations, links, images and document projects. You could also invite your friends and colleagues to use this app and register through email. This app is perfect for team projects as well.

Notesmartly is simple, easy to use and is very basic which makes it one of the most downloaded app all over the world.

12. Inkdrop

Developed by Takuya Matsuyama, Inkdrop, is a powerful tool that allows you to write with inline code syntax highlighting support. This app comes with cool looking interface which makes it motivating to jot down your tasks and complete your tasks. Aside from that, this app lets you synchronize your data to all of your devices. It also encrypts all your notes which means your data will be kept private and secured.

To use this app, you will need to register and verify through your email address and name. Once signup procedure is finished, you will be able to access all the features that Inkdrop offers.

13. MemPad

A note taking, text outliner type of app, MemPad is easy to use and has a simple, user-friendly interface that comes with 20 languages. Through this app, you will be able to edit, cut, paste, undo, copy, redo, undo, insert date, time, drag and drop and even support URLs. In MemPad, you will have two split parts which is for your workspace where you could write everything that is on your mind and the other part is where your navigation panel is. Through MemPad, you will be able to encrypt and keep your notes and documents private, edit, create notes, import content and images as well.

14. Boostnote

An open-source note-taking app, Boostnote is perfectly created and designed for programmers. It is a platform where you could edit and create any code you wish. In this app, you will be able to highlight code syntax in about more than 100 popular programming languages such as JAVA, CSS, HTML, Python and many more. Moreover, the amazing and unique thing about this app is that it has a community of programmers which have gained attention on GitHub. If you are a beginner or novice, since there are a lot of programmers using this app, you will be able to get some ideas and real-time feedback. Through Boostnote, you will be able to edit and created codes wherever and whenever you wish.

15. Umbrella Note

Umbrella Note is another amazing note-taking platform option. It is an open-source and is designed for those who would like to take note of ideas, codes and other types of content. Through Umbrella Note, you will be able to take down important notes and at the same time keep journals as well. You could also import videos, images and any type of content without any limitations. You could also sync all your data through Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox. This app has a very simple user-friendly interface and allows you to work offline. It also is available to multiple platforms, has the ability to integrate with Google assistant and have keyboard shortcuts.

16. Daylio

Daylio is a mood tracker at the same time is a diary and journal as well. Through this app, you will be able to keep your journal and thoughts private. As mentioned above, you will be able to track your mood and at the same time add some activities you would need to accomplish for the day. Based on your activities, this app will be able to collect your moods and help you understand your habits. This app allows you to use beautiful icons, explore statistics, store massive data base, share notes and goals and export PDF and CSV files. This app is compatible with iOS and Android.

17. NimbleNotes

An online notebook, NimbleNote is designed for students. This app is considered as a digital notebook which could help students learn more efficiently. NimbleNote could enhance your learning through flashcard desks, advanced filtering capabilities and study sessions. In this app, you will be able to use its note editing feature that will be able to organize your thoughts, group information and many more. It could also support videos and images and content specific notes such as dates and numbers.

18. Leanote

A freemium open-source note-taking and blog services app, Leanote, could act as your personal notebook which you could share with your friends. You could publish this as your blog as well. Just like Diaro, this app comes with applications that is easy to use and advantageous features. Through this app you will be able to edit, navigate, write and have a two kinds of screen. If you are looking for a comprehensive note solution, then, Leanote is a perfect tool for you.

19. Alternote

This note-taking app is another great option that comes with an integration with Evernote. It is compatible with iOS and is a perfect tool to jot down notes, write down ideas, feelings, information, feelings and memories. It could also be used as a diary as well. Aside from that, you will be able to use colored tags, attach documents and print PDF files.

20. Flava

Flava is another option that works as an all-in-one journaling app. Through this app, you will be able to track your ides, events, pictures, songs and many more. This app is similar to Diaro that comes with new features and service. It has the ability to share posts on Twitter, Facebook and many other social platforms. It also comes with powerful editing tools and allows you to import unlimited memes, voice, images and video. This app is compatible with iOS devices only.

21. Ministry Assistant

This app is powerful that helps you organize and keep your notes. It is a free platform which you could use and is available on Android. Through this app, you will be able to track your territories, returns and visits. In this app, you will be able to use built-in calendar, import dates and generate notes.

22. NixNote

NixNote is an app that you could use to jot down your notes and organize events. It is an open source type of app that is similar to Evernote. It comes with similar features and has new tools to introduce as well. If you would like to use NixNote, you will need to install a Java program.

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