Best Games Like Overwatch

Games like OverwatchOverwatch is a very entertaining and addictive game to play. However, if you play it every day and you do not have any alternative games to play, there might come to a point and time when you will be bored, sick and get tired of it and we wouldn’t want that to happen. Thus, it is imperative to have other alternatives which you could play from time to time to give you a variety, which will eliminate your boredom. With that, we have decided to feature 15 games that are similar to Overwatch which you could try this year.

1. Paladins

In terms of gameplay, Paladins is not far away from Overwatch as these two games are very similar when it comes to it. Both Overwatch and Paladins are games where you are a first person shooter. It also comes with MOBA features which you will surely enjoy. Though these games are closely alike, they also have some differences. One of which is Paladins concentrates on the customizing of characters through the use of its card feature. Another difference is Paladins comes with larger maps compared to Overwatch which maps come shorter. The gaming time of Paladins is also shorter and it offers its players the challenge to think of strategies to win the game. If you want a slow-paced strategic game, Paladins is perfect for you.

2. BRINK – for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

Game by Bethesda, BRINK is another first-person shooter game which theme’s concentrates on parkour-type of movements. This game has about 16 players which you could choose from and you could either choose to play a co-op or play against others. Our recommendation, however, is if you wish to get the most out of this game, choose co-op mode.

In this game, you will have four character classes options. You could be the Soldier or the Medic or the Engineer or the Operative. Each class comes with unique skills and each differs from one another. In addition to that, this game allows its players to customize and buy special abilities through their experience points. This game definitely is worth exploring.

3. Team Fortress 2 – for PS3, PC, Xbox 360

Team Fortress 2 is another game that is very similar to Overwatch. They are quite alike in terms of their gameplay style and even with some of their characters. Examples of these are, Honzo of Overwatch is quite similar to Sniper of Team Fortress2 and Scout of TF2 is also like Tracer of Overwatch.

To play this game, you will need to be coordinated with your team and you will also need to strategize in order for you to be able to surpass your enemy’s team. Each character in this game offers different skills and you will have the options to choose from.

4. Battleborn – for Xbox One, PC and PS4

Battleborn is a first person shooter game which works and operates on teamwork. It also allows its players to choose from a wide range of different characters which comes with different skill sets, abilities and traits. Though Battleborn and Overwatch have a lot of similarities, they also have differences just like with Overwatch, this game is a multi-player based FPS and with elements of MOBA. Battleborn, on the other hand, offers an option to be played in single and another option in multiplayer mode.

5. WarFrame- for Xbox One, PC and PS4

This game is about how Tennos soldiers try to bring peace to their homeland which was torn apart by a war. This game differs from Overwatch and would provide you a different feeling. WarFrame comes with less vibrant colors than Overwatch but will definitely make you feel at ease when playing it, as this game also requires team effort and collaboration to win.

6. Backlight: Retribution- for PC

This game comes with a theme of cyberpunk futuristic feel which offers numerous customizable options. In Backlight: Retribution, you will be able to choose from a wide range of new weapons. Aside from that, you will also be allowed to create your loadout according to your own playstyle. In this game you will experience numerous options but we highly suggest to focus on a single playstyle and master it before you try another playstyle. This game comes with unique features and tools which you will surely enjoy.

7. Dirty Bomb- for PC

This game is another first person shooter which is also very similar to Overwatch. Both games are similar with each other in gameplay and in style. This game also concentrates in accomplishing objectives and is also played in teams. Thus, this game is played in multiplayer mode and single playing is a no-no.

In Dirty Bomb, you will be allowed to choose from various characters called mercs. Each and every merc has its own skill sets, abilities and unique traits. This game is for those who are of age as this game comes with a more mature theme and language compared to Overwatch.

8. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 – for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Plants vs. Zombies has the cartoony graphics feel and light hearted action that Overwatch has. This version of Plants vs. Zombies offers you a fun way to “kill” enemies by shooting corns on heaps of zombies. With this version, you will be given the chance to choose sides –either you side with the plant forces or the zombies. Each side comes with unique soldiers with unique abilities and traits.

9. Gotham City Imposters – for Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, and PC

A Batman themed game without any characters from the Batman series? You will only be able to find this in Gotham City Imposters game. In this, Batman fans try to fight against Joker fans in an arena shooter. Though this game does not include Batman’s sidekicks, it still comes with loads of fun. This game works on movements and maneuvering with each character being able to use different tools and techniques. They could also choose their own weapons.

10. Tribes Ascend – for PC

Tribes Ascend is a fast-paced game which packs with shooting action. It offers its players with numerous options. The game is set in a theme of futuristic world. This game uses amazing mechanics which provides its players excitement. In this game, you will need quick reflexes and you will have to be on your toes to win this game. Tribes Ascend offers different armor which gives players extra durability but will have a bit of an effect on your speed.

11. PlanetSide 2 – for PC and PS4

In this game, you will experience an all-out-war. Its maps are huge and you will be able to control its tools such as vehicles like tanks, ground transport, aircraft, etc. In this game there are about three armies that are in the battlefield and you will be in between the enemy fire. You will definitely enjoy playing this game.

12. Block N Load- for PC

This game is similar to combined games of Minecraft and Overwatch. Block N Load is packed with unique characters and an interface that is similar to minecraft. Its design is simple, excellent and comes with humor. In this game, you will be allowed to choose a character. Note that each character in this game comes with different abilities, skill sets and fighting styles.

13. Apex Legends – for Xbox One, PC and PS4

Apex Legends is a battle royale game which is set at a Titanfall 2 world. Though Overwatch is not a battle royale game, Apex Legends is quite similar to Overwatch in terms of teamwork play and coordination.

In this game, you will be able to choose your own character and your goal is to collect loot like in game such as PUBG and Fortnite.

14. Monday Night Combat – for PC

Monday Night Combat is actually a competitor of Overwatch in terms of enjoyment and gameplay experience. In this game you will be able to work and play with a team and your goal

is to destroy your opponent’s base. Aside from destroying your enemies’ base, you will also have to defend your own base. Unlike other games in this list, Monday Night Combat actually offers a game style of a third-person shooter.

15. Squad- for PC

At a first glance, Squad would look different from Overwatch. But, once you play Squad, you will notice that this game offers the same game style of team-play and first person shooter. To complete this game, you will need to communicate well with your other teammates.

As for the design of this game, you will be impressed with its action-packed visuals. This game offers a wide array of weapons which you could use to help you win this game.

Squad comes with VoIP and radio which you could use to communicate with your teammates.


…and that concludes our list of best games similar to Overwatch which you could play as an alternative. Whether you are starting to get bored or you need a variety, the list above will surely provide you great entertainment and wonderful gaming experience.

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