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Thanks to its simplicity, Pastebin has become the favorite paste-and-share solution for many people. It is a convenient way to save text that you want to share at a later stage. Programmers use it to make things easier when pasting code and sharing it with their colleagues. General users can also rely on Pastebin to save text and share it with others easily and within seconds. While Pastebin is one of the best known solutions of its kind, the ads featured on the free version can be annoying. There is a Pro version that gives you the chance to get rid of the ads, but there are other issues that may make users look for a different option. Although Pastebin has a nice format, some people state that the website is not exactly user-friendly. It is good for general use, but the lack of focus on specific text means that those who need professional tools would need to look somewhere else. This is why we offer this list of Pastebin alternatives that will suit different requirements.

Pastebin Pro

If you like Pastebin, but want to get more out of it, you can upgrade to the Pro version for $2.95 per month, $23.95 per year or a single payment of $49.95 to get lifetime access. It doesn’t feature ads and it offers additional features such as folders in Pastebin, auto saving drafts and the max paste size is increased to 10 megabytes.

GitHub Gist

Programmers are likely to have a GitHub membership and many may be familiar with GitHub Gist, a practical tool that offers the chance to share and paste code snippets without hassle. You can simplify your works since all your codes can be shared easily and you don’t even need to be a GitHub member to be able to create your gist and share code snippets with others. One of the best things about this solution is its straightaway interface that lets you save and share your code or snippet instantly. With GitHub pages you can also build a static website, including a blogging website with Jekyll.


If you need a solution that is specifically designed to support Javascript/CSS/HTML coding, then you need to give JSFiddle a try. Apart from allowing you to copy/paste text, it also lets you test/run your code before it is saved. It is possible to adjust the format of the code to make it look as neat as possible. JSFiddle also offers the chance to get access to multiple libraries including JQuery. With a custom environment you can code more frankly. Even if you don’t save the code, the website will create a local backup automatically to make sure that you don’t lose your work in case your computer shuts down unexpectedly.


If you are looking for an alternative to Pastebin that is very easy to use, consider Hastebin. It is fairly basic and doesn’t offer a great deal of features, but it works well and the simple interface may be preferred by many users. In addition, it allows you to save anything you paste and it provides a share URL that you can send to anyone. It doesn’t features ads like other paste tools. Pastes can be saved for up to 30 days, but there are no security features to protect the data. It focuses on offering a paste and share solution without any bells and whistles.

Ghost Bin

This anonymous paste solution is ideal for cases in which you want to make sure that old private pastes. It allows you to edit old private pastes and it also features “Envy”, a font that has become very popular. This open-source program encrypts your files and allows you to paste up to 1 MB. Ghost Bin also uses Pygments and supports a vast selection of languages. Syntax highlighting and formatting are possible with this practical tool. It is also possible to set an expiration date and share it with anyone in the same way as you would with Pastebin. The difference is that Ghost Bin offers password protected snippets for added security.

Paste FS

Paste FS lets you save your files, videos or any kind of media private and public. It offers a feature that can’t be beaten: it offers unlimited space to its users. You will be able to share anything you want without worrying about the maximum capacity. The website uses SSL to secure the content transfers and enhance users’ privacy. Although there are ads on the sidebar that can be slightly annoying and the website doesn’t offer a lot of features, it is a convenient solution to paste content that includes some files.

JS Bin

JS Bin was originally a tool focused on web development, but it offers all the features of a Pastebin. It allows you to debug Ajax calls so you can remote render the output of your JS Bin and write save code in real-time. JS Bin mainly revolves around Javascript and CSS and it was created to allow people to test their snippets using a simple debugging solution.


You can see Ideoneas a compiler and mini-Debugger for almost all programmers around the world. It supports over 60 programming language and it runs on Sphere Engine, allowing you to communicate in a Secure way in a full runtime environment. The website is interactive and easy to use. You just need to select the programming language, obtain the source code and that is it. Just keep in mind that this website is only suitable for programmers.


This IDE framework works on the web and it uses minimal resources. Codiad runs on your server and it is a paste bin that supports over 40 languages and more than 20 syntax color themes. There is a local Storage redundancy and it also comes with Real-Time collaborative editing. Just keep in mind that you need a server in order to be able to run Codiad. You also require Apache2, PHP 5+ installed on your server. is an open-source solution that features snippets and API that can be run and it allows you to start coding in your own languages. It supports 37 different languages including Python and Swift. You can also save, share and fork snippets. The fork option offers unique way to copy and paste content. You can also see some real code, test it and improve it.

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