Best ProPresenter Alternatives

ProPresenter is a media presentation platform for both Mac and Windows devices. It is perfect tool for those who needs to create live presentations for social affairs, meetings, wearing occasions and studio communication.

In using this tool, it is the ProPresenter administrators who are the ones who control the presentations on one screen while showing it progressively to his or her audience on another screen or extra yields. This means, the alter mode and the presentation mode are in constant live and the altering live is possible even while the presentation is being played.

ProPresenter is perfect for media presentations for exchange appears, donning venues, weddings, corporate occasions and many more. Hence, whatever your presentation is for, the ProPresenter could help you enhance your live presentation.

Alternatives for ProPresenter

1. OpenSong

A free program or tool which is often used in worship services, OpenSong is a program which you’ll never go wrong with. It is also a system perfect for artists who are searching for a tool that could help them with transposing, capo/non-capo documentation and harmonies.

OpenSong’s interface is simple, straight forward and easy to use. It comes with impressive components for writing coordination and for running declarations.

Other tasks that this program offers is you could compose, create and embed subtitles, titles, notes and names on your slides as the presentation moves. You could also flip between songs, alter tunes and adjust sets.

To be able to use this tool, you will need a moderate to high amount of CPU memory.

2. EpicWorship

EpicWorship is another product application which could create presentations for various gadgets. This tool is perfect to be used for holy places and has the ability to add films, quotes and custom content.

Through this tool, you could permanently open documents and access GUI. You could also find tools and incorporate verses to your original board. In addition to that, you could also alter information and recover progressions.

Furthermore, you could include client recordings and select religious content from the Bible. You could also select animation, alter photos and change the screen or even make it light or darker.

3. Praise Base Presenter

Praise Base Presenter is another tool option that you could use for church services and worship sessions. Through this tool, you will be able to include pictures, scriptures on your presentation.

It also has a straightforward, simple and easy to use interface. It also allows its users to find songs and include it on your presentation. Its Picture Manager provides you wallpaper which you could upload and change during the presentation.

The best part about this tool is its built-song editor which gives you the ability to alter song texts quickly.

Lastly, through Praise Base Presenter, you will not have to worry about copyright as you could add that in your presentation. If you are looking for smooth transitions and amazing live presentations, Praise Base Presenter is the best way to go.

4. ZionWorx

If you are looking for a fresh way or approach for worship live presentation, ZionWorx is another amazing option. It has easy to use interface and comes with a lot of useful features. The tool offers great designs and they are attentive to details.

ZionWorx, unlike many tools, has a friend customer service and support who could help you anytime. Aside from that, through this tool, you could add and include songs, videos, images, PowerPoint slide shows and Bible passages.

This tool is easy to use even with the inclusion of videos. You could also experiment with motion backgrounds while songs are playing and have fading transitions. You could also display live videos with subtitles.

5. Proclaim

Proclaim is a tool which you could use to create Church Presentations easily. It is used and trusted by many religious groups and is used for worship presentations.

Through Proclaim, you could create services with its automatic formatting, service layouts and reusable slides. It could import items from other programs such as Planning Center, PowerPoint and even from

Proclaim also offers free training videos and has a step by step instructions which is very useful for those who are just starting to use this tool.

6. OpenLP

Empower your Church with the use of OpenLP. It is easy to use, simple and flexible as well. It comes with amazing features and is very affordable as well. It allows its users to overhaul your presentation and use Android remote application as well. This tool is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Through OpenLP, you will be able to experience open source in your group. With its web application your system will be empowered with a program that you would truly be amazed.

7. Quelea

In Quelea, you will find amazing verses which you could project in your program. Some are for business but most are for free and are open-source. They also allow their uses to use different pictures and apply to your own presentation. You could also alter your presentation, email a timetable and many more.

8. EasyWorship

EasyWorship is another Worship presentation program that is easy to use. They have customer support in case you need some help with the program,

EasyWorship allows you to add graphics, shadows, text outlines and many more. It also allows you to make last minute changes with their quick editing tools. Its interface is simple and easy to use.

This presentation program also offers templates which provides easy set up and creators could produce announcements easily. If you are looking for a tool that will help you with productivity, then, EasyWorship is for you.

9. Praisenter

If you are looking for a free Church presentation software, then Praisenter is your best bet. It comes in a package of high quality Bible verses and songs. It also gives you the ability to custom slides, add pictures, videos, transition, audio and translucency.

10. Datasoul

Datasoul comes with music and records. This tool is perfect for downloading different kinds of documents for your presentation. You could also add melodies, PDF documents, utilize their showcase, change videos, do a live video from the camera and many more.

Through Datasoul, you will also be able to embed Bible verses, messages and simultaneously add it to your presentation.

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