Best Games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular games that is widely played all over the world. If you are one of those who plays this game religiously almost every day, there will come a time when you would like to play other games to have and experience some variety. If you are at that stage, you came to the right place as this article will feature other games that are similar to PUBG that you could play as alternatives.

1. DayZ: Battle Royale

Created by developers of PUBG, DayZ is one of the games that has started the trend of battle royale genre. In this game you will be in an island full of brain eating zombies and you will need to survive by working with other players by killing all the zombies that will get on your way. This game has no danger zones. Hence, you will have to always be on your toes whenever playing this game.

2. The Culling

This game is a first person shooter type at the same time also gives its players the battle royale gaming experience. Hence, in this game, players’ goal is to kill each other. The game is like Hunger games where it is survival of the fittest.

Aside from other humans trying to kill your character, you will also have to mind the environmental risks and hazards that you will encounter while you travel. The Culling allows a maximum of 16 players in one match.

3. Unturned: Arena Mode

Unturned: Arena Mode is one of the most popular stream games. It comes with a theme of sandbox style survival and zombie apocalypse type of game. It allows its players to play this game in either online or offline mode.

This game is highly similar to PUBG where one has to kill and has to be the last woman/man left to win the game. You would surely enjoy this game’s high definition 3D graphics.

4. H1Z1: King of the Kill

This game is a third-person multiplayer survival game. This game is very similar to battle royale and PUBG with its map and its characters’ ability to heal through the resources that you will have to gather during the game.

5. Rust: Battle Royale

Rust: Battle Royale is another popular game that is widely played worldwide. Just like PUBG, you will start the game with you naked and is just equipped with a rock which you could use to defend yourself. Hurry, roam around and find those resources that you will need for you to be able to survive- food, clothing and weapons.

6. Ark: Survival Evolved

Another survival game, Ark: Survival Evolved bring you back to dinosaur era wherein you will have to fight dinosaurs in other for you to be able to survive. This game is also like PUBG where the theme is survival of the fittest and will put 72 players who aside from killing other dinosaurs will have to kill each other as well.

7. Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

This game is in development and is still in the initial alpha stage. Yes, unfortunately, this game is still not in the market but it has allowed others to try and join the fun. This game is hunger games inspired type of game and is very fast-paced. You would surely cannot wait for it to be released in the market.

8. ARMA 3: Battle Royale

Another battle royale game that is highly similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, ARMA 3 is a game you should not miss. It brings you a combination of DayZ and PUBG. It is a survival type of game which puts you right into the battlefield. You will have to be alert, kill and defend yourself in order to survive.

9. Minecraft: Hunger Games

Minecraft: Hunger Games is a blocky type of graphics game which players’ main goal is to survive. In this game, you will have a kit of weapons, food and even potions. While you are in the game, you will need to upgrade your items and get new skills in order for you to be able to survive.

10. Infestation: The New Z

In this game, you will experience a battle of ultimate survival of best player versus player action. This game comes in multiple game modes and has different worlds that you could choose playing

in. You could also invite your friends to play with you and explore the game with looting and weapons.

11. Last Man Standing

In this game you will need to hunt for guns, weapons and gear. It is a fast-paced type of game and has that bloody gameplay which you would surely enjoy while you try to fight against other 100 players. In this game, you will also be allowed to customize your own character.

12. GTA V: Smuggler’s Run

This is an all new free game which is surely as exciting as PUBG and battle royale. Experience and play this amazing game and you would surely have difficulty in putting it down.

13. Fortnite

Fortnite is another addition game to the battle royale genre. It has about 100 players which you will have to battle with in order to survive. It comes with large map and it is a game called by many players as epic. If you wish to play and experience amazing survival gameplay, then, this is a game that we highly recommend.

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