Sites Like Bored Panda

Bored Panda is a website for all creative people where they could post arts, designs and photography. They could edit the photos into funny pictures (memes) or post a makeup story based on cute pictures. If you are bored or wish to cheer up, this site is perfect for you as you will definitely be entertained and enjoy the contents posted on this site. However, this is not only the site where you could find these entertaining and fun stuff. There are quite a number of Bored Panda like websites and alternatives which you could explore as well.

Top 10 Websites like Bored Panda:

1. Viral Nova

In Viral Nova, you will find all the trending topics and current fad. It includes collections of stories circulating and found on the web. Those who wish to read entertaining and trending stories, this site is perfect for you.

2. Fubiz

Fubiz is a place for those who feel down as of the moment or those who are uninspired, demotivated and feeling lazy. This site has numerous inspiring pictures, video clips and art which will give you your daily dose of inspiration.

3. Amazing Planet

This magazine has all the amazing stuff may it be stories, facts, news, art, WTF stories, pictures and what is more to like is all its contents are amusing and would make one feel good.

4. Cracked

This magazine has been in the industry since 1985 and has moved into the modern era of internet. Yes, Cracked has its own funny website as well. If you check their site, we are sure you will enjoy its entertaining and funny stories.

5. This Blog Rules

This Blog Rules speaks its name of itself. This site has all the fun lists and entertaining information. This site is very much like Bored Panda and Cracked.

6. My Modern Met

My Modern Met is a site where you will find all the creative, imaginative art and designs. It is highly recommended for artists and trendsetters.

7. Inspire First

Bored and down? This site is for you. All its contents are all inspiring and creative. Not only that, it also has a list of categories which you could select.

8. Lifehacker

Though its name sounds like its contents are all about computers, Lifehacker is actually about everything. It is all about life hacks and issues about health, love life, work or just anything under the sun.

9. NotCot

Though this site is not as popular as the other sites featured in this article, NotCot is one great site to explore to gain more amusement and ideas.

10. Design Swan

This site’s focus is to inspire, share creativity and beauty. You will find everything beautiful in this site and even in basic things.

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