Top 10 Sites Like Worldstarhiphop

Worldstarhiphop is one of the most popular entertainment websites which contains news and videos about hiphop. Though Worldstarhiphop is one of the sites that trends all the time, there are some that are not satisfied and would like to explore and find more. Through this article, we will bring you other sites which are similar to Worldstarhiphop which you could check as options.

1. AllHipHop

AllHipHop is one of the best Worldstarhiphop alternatives which has almost everything about hiphop – news, gossips, music and lifestyle. It also has a portion where you could share comments or opinions.

2. Sohh

This site focuses solely on online hiphop and provides hiphop news. Sohh is a site where most hiphop lovers go. It has about 1.5 million visitors monthly.


Bottle leg videos? has it all. They have original and real to life videos which you could enjoy and watch. This site is recommended for TV enthusiasts.

4. Xxlmag

Xxlmag is one of those hiphop sites which ensures they provide their members updates about hip-hop artists. If you are one of those who want to get the latest scoop, this site is for you.

5. Realniggashit

Are you into hip-hop fashion? Realniggashit comes with content related to fashion, news and sports.

6. Everyoneloveshiphop

This site definitely would be loved by anyone who loves hiphop. They give daily updates and news about the hip-hop industry. You could watch videos and listen to hip-hop music as well.

7. Vladtv

VladTV is one of the leading sites that caters breaking news and interviews. If you want to always be in the loop, updated and see interviews, Vladtv has it all.

8. Poppinmedia

Poppinmedia is one of the best sites that offers funny videos and pop music and hiphop. It comes with news, videos and latest trends or hits. This site also offers classic hip-hop music.

9. Undergroundhiphop

As its name states, this site includes underground hip-hop stuff such as restricted music. You could also watch any videos related to hiphop.


This site streams hip-hop songs and videos. It also provides latest news and updates about your favorite artists.


Though we have featured sites that are similar to Worldstar where you could find anything related to hiphop that you will not be able to find in Worldstar, each featured website has its strengths and weaknesses. It is suggested to check them out and you also might get which website that would suit you the most.

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