Games Like Super Mario Run on Android

No matter what age you are or what generation you belong to, whether you are a gamer or not, it is impossible not to know Super Mario. These classic Mario games have transcended through generations and time and it is not surprising that it still continues to provide great fun gaming experience and excitement to everyone including non-gamers through its new version – the Super Mario Run.

The Super Mario Run has recently joined the technical age where everything could be made into an app. This means, you could now access this game on App Store. Unfortunately for Android device users, this game in not available on Android. If asked when will it be available, sadly, not anytime soon. With that said, though Super Mario is incomparable, there are similar games that are available on Android which you could play while waiting until Super Mario becomes available.

1. Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures is a game that is very similar to Super Mario Run. It is even more visually appealing than the ever classic Super Mario. Its controls are also similar with Super Mario. In this game, you will need to look and find for Incrediballs’ eggs. Once you achieve this task, the eggs will bring life to the sacred tree. Unfortunately, getting the eggs is not an easy job as you will encounter bandits, monsters and minotaur.

This game is free to play but there are in-app purchases for credits.

2. Super Plumber Run

If you are a Super Mario fan, most likely you would have heard about Super Plumber Run. It is a game that most individuals would say is a total rip-off of Mario Run. Though this game’s interface is very much different compared to Mario Run, its game play and controls are very similar and identical. In this game, you will find coins, mushrooms and power-ups like Mario’s. Moreover, its theme song sounds really like Mario’s but slightly modified.

Super Plumber Run is available for free but comes with app purchases coins and the like. Play this game while it is still available on Play Store.

3. Adventure Beaks

When it comes to interface and gameplay, Adventure Beaks could be said as one of the most similar Super Mario Run games. It offers the same fun experience that Mario provides. It comes with perks and beautiful graphics. In this game, instead of Mario being the protagonist, you will be playing as a Penguin. As a Penguin, you will need to collect artifacts and coins. You will able be able to explore lands and ancient ruins. This game comes with 50 levels, 150 missions, 16 challenges, 198 clothing items which you could choose from to dress your penguin.

This game is another free alternative with in-app purchases for coins.

4. Mikey Shorts

Playing Mikey Shorts will bring nostalgic feeling to its players and will definitely make them remember Super Mario days. In this game, you will play as Mikey and as Mikey, you will be able to run, slide, jump to rescue people in the game. Like Super Mario, you will also be able to collect coins. Mikey Shorts prides itself with its controls and is said to be better compared than those of Super Mario’s.

Mikey Shorts comes with 84 levels, 6 environments, 2 game models and 170 disguises. In addition to that, this game could be played for free.

5. Wind-up Knight 2

Wind-up Knight 2 offers the same gaming experience and gameplay that Super Mario Run provides. Its interface will impress you with its pseudo 3D and its game comes with a knight whose goal is to finish his quests and win tournaments. The character of this game could jump through walls, collect coins and many more.

This game is available for free but it also comes with versions that are locked. You could also make in app purchases for armor and coins.


Though Super Mario is incomparable, it is disheartening that it is not yet available on Android and when it will be available? No one knows. Thus, to lessen the pain of waiting, we have featured a list of games that are similar to Super Mario Run game. We hope they are able to entertain you and provide you the gaming experience that you are longing for while waiting for Super Mario Run to become available.

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