Best Tumblr Alternatives

Information shared online come in numerous platforms and different ways- social networking services, video sharing sites, instant messaging apps, etc. However, and unfortunately, communicating one’s thoughts and ideas over the web, does not necessarily mean is effective other than blogging. The reason behind this is probably that everyone, including huge popular corporations have blogs. One of the many blogging platforms that are available is Verizon which is owned by Tumblr. This blogging platform is said to be the most unique as its approach is in a short form blogging. This mentioned platform lets you post texts, multimedia, pictures in an easy to use dashboard. Yes, it is very impressive but if you are looking for other alternatives and options, you came to the right place as we will feature other platforms that you could use and try.

1. WordPress

When it comes to blogging, it is undoubtedly impossible not to mention WordPress. WordPress is a great Tumblr alternative which comes with two options- free and open source script based content management system (CMS) and freemium blogging platform. The first option could be installed on a web server while the second variant helps you to get started on your blog which is highly customizable. It comes with numerous themes and useful, enhancing plug-ins. This platform supports multi-user, SEO, custom tags/categories, social network integration and many more.

2. Soup

Though Soup may sound weird for a name but this platform is very similar to Tumblr in terms of features and interface which makes Soup as one of the best alternatives. Through Soup, you will be able post every you would wish- texts, quotes, videos, images, etc. You could also import posts from different social networks such as Reddit, SoundCloud and Twitter. Moreover, it also lets you publish automatically on Facebook as well.

3. Blogger

Owned by tech giant, Google. Blogger works as a simple web-based post editor which allows you to have about 100 blogs per account. It also lets you view your detailed stats, monthly page views and even your traffic sources as well. It also comes with a full integration of AdSense program which helps you gain profit. Though Blogger had a terrible UI, they have now updated it and is now pleasant and beautiful. Blogger also supports multi-user, allows posting email and comments as well. The only downside of this platform is it does not let you host your own blog on a web server.

4. Medium

Medium is founded by the ex-chairman and CEO of Twitter and has made this platform as one of the most popular blogging platforms just in less than four years. Through Medium, you will be able to focus on the quality of your content, publish your stories that would connect with your readers and the like instead of focusing on statistics such as traffic and page views. Medium is a minimalistic type of text editor but it also comes with useful features such as keyboard shortcuts, ability to set visibility, tags, sharing links and many more.

5. Mastodon

Similar to Twitter in terms of its functions, Mastodon is perfect for creating posts on websites, getting followed by people and following people. It is also similar to Tumblr wherein you could make posts, repost and make comments. They also allow hotkeys. Moreover, this platform is decentralized and at the same time comes with dedicated servers for different types of content. It is also advertisement free and is a non-algorithmic feed.

6. Ghost

An open source blogging platform, Ghost is designed for writing and publishing simple content. It is based on Node.js and is known to be extremely responsive and fast. Ghost is also available in two modes- web server hosted package which is offered at $19 per month and self-hosted which amounts to $5 to $10 per month. Ghost comes with third party apps, developer tools and post analytics. This platform offers 14-day trial.

7. Posthaven

Another amazing alternative option, Posthaven comes with a service that aims to last forever. It claims that their services will never be sold nor acquired. This platform comes with features such as password protected blogs, posts for documents, audio and video content, email notification for blog activities. The only downside of this platform is you will not be able to start using it until you have paid your monthly fee.

8. Typepad

Typepad is another powerful alternative for Tumblr. It comes with easy to use built-in analytics tools which provides your statistics on your blog/s. It promotes blogs on its network which means, you have higher chances that you get higher traffic. Furthermore, it features CSS based theme editing, Google Analytics support and allows you to import posts from WordPress.

9. DeviantArt

This platform is perfect for sharing and discovering artworks. It comes with customization tools and perfectly designed for exploring artists. Furthermore, this platform is not limited just to digital art but rather it is also available for hand-drawn art as well. Aside from that DeviantArt also offers a fan-fiction section which you would find enjoyable.

10. Site123

If you find creating personalized website as something complex and a bit difficult, we highly recommend Site123. Though this site is not as flexible or as versatile as Tumblr, it comes with the necessary and essential tools that you would need in creating good looking websites. Furthermore, they also come with huge collection of templates which you would definitely appreciate and find very useful. Also, this site allows you to custom your domain name, create online store and many more.

11. Twitter

Though Twitter is not really a full-fledge alternative for Tumblr, we suggest that you check it out as well. It is considered as a micro-blogging site which comes with numerous features and allows its users to interact with their own followers. Through Twitter, you could conduct polls, send direct messages and keeps you in sync with the latest news and happenings.


So what are you waiting for? Check and try the featured alternative options above and enjoy creating your blog and interact with your followers.

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