Best Sites and Apps Like Wattpad

For those who loves to read, Wattpad is a popular online platform option for discovering new books and even for publishing own writing/s in a form of an e-book.

This platform is highly flexible and could be accessed on iOS, Android and Windows mobile phones. It allows users to connect with other readers and writers and even share their own work with them which makes this app a creative social media platform.

Wattpad comes with wide range of genre and books where you will find millions of titles. Aside from that, through this platform and app, you could follow your favorite writers and get notified whenever they publish something new.

As for writers, Wattpad allows you to publish your e-book on their platform. They even give Watty awards yearly which could provide them exposure.

Wattpad is offered for free and with all the features and advantages that Wattpad offers, we cannot think of other reasons why you would need to look for another app. However, if you are looking for something different, we have listed in this article several apps and sites that are closely similar to Wattpad.

1. Penana

A free e-books website, Penana is a great alternative to Wattpad. They are similar in terms of accessibility and diversity. They have different genres and sub-genres to choose from. They even have poetry and screenplay.

They have three modes of writing- story mode for normal story chapter, contest mode where you could start a contest on any topic and blog mode where you could write and share your own blog.

Panama also comes with different editing tools which would definitely help you in writing your story. This app is available on Android and iOS as well.

Download – GoogleApple

2. Sweek

Sweek comes with a clean user interface and similar to other reading and writing platforms, Sweek allows its users to write their own books, short stories and poems. They also help writers’ works to get noticed by thousands of their readers. Also, if your book is really good, it could get published by Sweek publishing house.

Sweek also could guide you through your manuscript and even your book cover design and will publish it for free. Hence, you book could be sold globally as an e-book via their Sweek webshop and they could also sell it as a paperback on some known bookshops.

Download – GoogleApple

3. Shorti

Shorti is a mobile based app available on Android and iOS. It is a good platform for writing and sharing short stories. Shorti requires you to register and have a pen name to sign up. Through this app, you could choose numerous stories in different categories. It even has a bookmark feature which allows you to read stories later. In writing your story, you would need a title and a description of not more than 200 words. Then you will have to choose a genre and upload your own cover to make your story appealing to other readers.

Download – GoogleApple

4. Movellas

Movellas is another reading and writing platform alternative option specifically for teenagers. Their website has about 1000 stories and fanfictions written by young writers. You could read any book you want for free. However, if you are a writer, you will need to login in order for you to be able to write and post your story.

Through this site, you could follow writers and check all of their work. You could also connect with them and send them tips, your thoughts and views.

This platform is designed for both readers and writers who are on the go. Aside from that Movellas allows their users to download stories and read them offline later.

Download – GoogleApple

5. Mirakee

This platform is considered as a social networking app for writers. Through Mirakee, you could share your ideas through writing. Take note, though, that Mirakee is for you to share your thoughts and not for writing or reading a book. It is a place where you could share and find thoughts, poems, short stories, quotes and many more. They also have a copyright feature which lets you post your original content. You could also like, share and comment on others like any other social media. Furthermore, you could also link what you wrote on your Facebook or Twitter account/s.

Download – GoogleApple

6. Shortly

For those who are on the go and does not have any time to write, Shortly is for you. It allows you to read short stories according to the time you have. You could choose 1 minute, 3 minute or 5 minute read. Once you are done, you could go for another story with the same length. This app allows its readers to change the theme of the page and font.

Download – GoogleApple

7. Tap by Wattpad

This app was developed by Wattpad team. It is considered as Editor’s choice on Google Play and it has won the award for best of 2017. Unlike Wattpad, this app keeps you on the edge through the unfolding the story through back and forth text messages. Yes, this is a bit unique to read a story. Through this app, you will get to find stories depending on your mood and you could even share them with your friends. Tap allows you to create and share your stories through the form of a chat.

Download – GoogleApple

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