Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

Archiving information is one of the most important things for both personal and office use and this was addressed by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Guilliat in 2001 through launching the Wayback machine.

Wayback Machine was able to give access to past information one would need through storing snapshots of websites and are posted on internet after six months of it being archived. The information stored in Wayback machine is collected through spider software or web crawling. Then its transformed and stored into web pages. Aside from that Wayback Machine could also be used to search information.

Though Wayback Machine could store and transform information into web pages, there are some page domains that does not allow spidering and crawling. However, there are some alternatives which could be used instead of Wayback Machine.

Similar function and use as Wayback Machine, alternatives has two types. The first alternative works and allows one to access web pages which includes and The second alternative however, allows one to create their own private wayback machine.

The following are the best alternatives of Wayback Machine:

1. ScreenShots

Screenshots take snapshots or website screenshots and saves them to their database. All details you need is accessible through snapshots however codes and links will be inaccessible.

ScreenShots also uses DomainTools API, it also links thumbnails to Wois Lookup and lastly, this wayback machine alternative provides very detailed results.


This Wayback machine alternative, provides you access to content and screenshots of any webpage you are searching for. It is also easy to use and easy to navigate. You could also share your search and if you need your searched information in the future, you it will still allow you to download.

3. Itools

Itools allows you to access its database through its internet tab and then on the website. Itools also uses Alexa database. This alternative provides all information on a domain and is best for businesses.

4. Competitor screenshots

To be able to use the services of competitor screenshots, one has to sign up and register but fret not, as it is free to sign in. Once you have signed up, you will be able to compare email campaigns, screenshots and social media activities. You will also have access to detailed information.

Competitor screenshots also offers upgrades through $120 fee.

5. WebCite Archive

Archiving a single URL is made possible by WebCite. Through it, you will be able to archive stable version of web page such as blogs, PDF, Wiki etc. The site archives data of web pages, images and media. Once it is in its database, it will then create a link. Once it is done, WebCite will send you a confirmation email together with archive details.

6. PageFreezer

Maintained by a company based in Canada, PageFreezer Software, Inc. and is a SaaS based, the PageFreezer allows you to create your own website- for blogs or social media or a web archive file. PageFreezer collects automatically your data which saves you from doing the dirty work of having to collect it. Another amazing thing PageFreezer does is it stores your data long term in their servers.

7. Actiance

Used by most banks, Actiance is known to be one of the leaders in the archiving, analytics and communications compliance industry and it also creates website web archive file effectively and efficiently specific for your needs.

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