Best Wordle Alternatives that Work Online

Tool for creating a word cloud, Wordle is considered as one of the best tools. Some might not be familiar what Wordle is. As mentioned above, it is a cloud of words and phrases used to create patterns and designs. These words will appear in a cloud in different sizes depending on the content and frequency. This tool is perfect in helping those who do not have any knowledge in arts or graphic designing.

Wordle was first available online through web browsers. It required Javascript. At present, this tool has been able to launch a desktop application which is easier to use. Wordle is widely used by both students and teachers for creating a word cloud. Unfortunately, when its web version stopped working properly, a lot of users have been looking alternatives and similar tools.

In this article, we shall feature the best alternatives for Wordle.

1. ABCYA Word Cloud

This word cloud generator is for kids and it offers access online. It comes with animations and cartoons which would definitely catch their attention. All you have to do is to paste the content or text on a black space and enter create. This will automatically make a word cloud. It will also show you generated design which you could modify and customize wherein you could change the shape, color, word limit and even the font of the text in the cloud. Furthermore, ABCYA allow you to edit content by adding or removing phrases and texts. You could also apply word filter for your kids.

2. Tag Crowd

In this word cloud platform, you will be able to create simple word cloud that this tool will help you determine the words that are mostly used in the written content. In Tag Crowd, you could paste, write, upload a file or even provide URL. The TagCrowd will then create the cloud and will show you which words are commonly used. The bigger font words are what are used the most.

Tag Crowd also allows you to access different language for texts, frequency range of the words, set a number of words that could be shown, group similar words, add words that could and should be neglected and change letter into uppercase.

3. WordItOut

WordItOut is another amazing option for Wordle alternative. It allows its users to create word clouds in three different modes- Normal, which allows you to paste any text or document. This mode will automatically identify the most commonly used words from your creation. Another mode is No Filter. In this mode, you will be able to create word clouds as exactly as the words

and phrases that you paste and lastly, Table wherein you could paste any spreadsheet or table to create words into a cloud.

WordItOut also has editing tools wherein you could modify your font, text size, layout, color and many more. Furthermore, this tool also allows you to see word list that will show you information about words and phrases that you used. Final image will be saved and could be sent to your email without even having to login or sign up.

4. Tagxedo

This word cloud tool is a bit different compared to other word cloud tools featured in this article. In Tagxedo, not only you could create word cloud the usual way but you could also create them from blogs, tweets, articles, tags and news. All you need is the URL and then you are good to go to convert it into a cloud. You could even select the style, shape, font themes, orientation and many more. Aside from the URL, you could also create word clouds through texts. Unfortunately, this might not work with all browsers as this needs Microsoft Silverlight.

5. WordArt

This tool allows you to keep phrases and words that forms a design or pattern. All you have to do in this tool is to start creating your word clouds and add texts, decide the individual size, angles, color and fonts. You will also be able to choose shapes, layouts and style.

WordArt also allows you to add animation to your texts and provide it a different look. You could print your work and/or save it on your WordArt account. WordArt also lets you create or download different formats to your PC.

6. Tricklar

Not just your ordinary word cloud tool, Tricklar allows you to create a word cloud about the news. This could be perfect for both students and teachers. In here you could choose a date, location and then, the tool will select the news based on the mentioned data.

7. WordClouds

In this tool you could add content from URL, MS office, text file, type, paste and PDF documents. You could also select sizes of the images and set custom resolutions. You could set gap size and even invert the word cloud. This means the words will be out of the cloud. This tool also has numerous features such as shapes, numbers, color, letters and it allows you to custom shapes. WordClouds also allow clouds to be saved in word cloud file format or in PNG, PDF, JPG.


We hope through this article; we were able to help you find a good alternative for Wordle. So what are you waiting for? Go and check their sites and create your word cloud!

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